Arbitrary TSN Rankings

It's become apparent this week that the TSN power rankings are completely arbitrary. There is no reason that Calgary should be still ahead of the Riders based on any reasonable facts about the season so far. In my opinion, there's about 7 catagories that could possibly matter in ranking one team vs another. Roughly, in my percieved order of importance they are:

  1. performance in the past week -- edge --Riders obviously
  2. Overall record -- edge -- Riders (3-2 vs 2-3 for the Stamps)
  3. Head to head record -- edge --Riders (bonus: this also counts towards the first catagory)
  4. Opponents beaten - edge -- Riders (Toronto, BC, and Calgary vs Toronto and BC for Calgary)
  5. Opponents lost to -- edge Riders (Montreal and Edmonton (currently ranked 1 and 2 in the rankings) vs Montreal and Winnipeg (ranked 1 and 6))
  6. Points for and against -- edge Stamps (+47 to -23)
  7. Some TSN employee's gut feeling? edge -- Stamps by a lot I guess.

So 5/7 catagories belong to the Riders and the only real one the Stamps win is argueably the least important. I say argueably because according to standings, it falls below all the others and further, coaches tend not to worry about points once the game iswon or lost (eg. In the Calgary-Sask game last week, the Riders could have easily kicked a field goal from about 30 yards out to run the score up, but instead decided to simply take the win).

I was wondering that also.......
1- Montreal
2- Edmonton
3- Hamilton
4- Saskatchewan
5- Calgary
6- Winnipeg
7- BC
8- Toronto

The last 3 teams are a toss up, but because Winnipeg is the only one coming off a win this week out of the three, they get #7 spot. The top few teams are pretty obvious IMO. I put Hamilton ahead of the riders because I just thought they deserved it more I guess. Those 2 could easily be a toss up as well. But all four of, Montreal, Edmonton, Sask, and Hamilton, should be ranked ahead of Calgary at this point in the season.

Ummm.... Power rankings being arbitrary is actually the point

Let's throw out some other arbitrary criteria...
QB situation - Advantage Calgary
Average margin of victory - Calgary
Average margin of loss - Calgary
Quality of coaching - Calgary (Hufnagel and Jones vs. Miller and Richie Hall's replacement)
Points for: Advantage Calgary
Points against: Advantage Calgary
Average broken legs per season: Calgary
Per capita watermelon consumption: Advantage Saskatchewan
Silly TD dance: Calgary
Banjo music: Saskatchewan

The real rankings are called standings

The only rankings that matters is Grey Cups won.
Advantage: Toronto (yuck), touche brett, very true...power rankings are lame, and someone getting bent out of shape over them is even lamer, if that is even a word...

Hey, I'm not bent outta shape... I just like to discuss these things. I figure if our sports network is going to rank teams, they might as well not just choose whoever they want and actually put some thought into the rankings. Otherwise they're just some tsn person's opinion and if we go down that route, may as well let turkeybend have the official power rankings.

Of the serious choices of the new criteria you gave two posts up 4/6 were already mentioned in my post under +/- stats.... the other two are qb and coach... so I guess we could compare every position and come up with some subjective opinion of who's best on paper, but if the Calgary was so much better on paper than the Riders.... why didn't they win at home last week?

Turkeybend's ARE the official CFL power rankings.

That's why they play the games...

..otherwise we'd award the Grey Cup to the Als every July :lol:

I think you gotta keep the Grey Cup champs near the top regardless of their start, not that these rankings influence anything.

As some residents of Edmonton would gladly explain most of the Argos grey cups don't count along with the majority of stanley cups won by the leafs and canadiens