Arash Madani's Article

I knew it was only a matter of time till Arash wrote something of this nature , but even though most times I don"t agree with his articles on the CFL , I have a hard time finding fault with what he has written this time especially in regard to G.C ticket pricing .

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Finally some good points from him. However a crossover team making the Grey Cup could be the best thing for the actual game. This guy has no clue about how Grey Cup works. You don't need the host team in the game to be successful. They did mark the prices up big time but that's because it's in a tiny stadium I suppose. I won't be attending. I'll be in TO partying but not hitting the game.

This year was supposed to be a great new start for my team but it's become a serious BUST.

He's right. I have no issue's with people pointing out the league's issues. Pretending the league doesn't have challenges is silly. I'm sure some poster will call him names and the usual.... blah...blah ...
GC pricing has been an issue for a few years already and you would have thought they would have done their homework?? At least a Ontario team will make the GC final .......I think :roll: :roll: :roll:

....can't shoot the messenger...

I paid 400 smackers per seat for the last time the GC was in TO in 2012. The price hasn't risen much and I agree, the guy is just stating the truth.. Did he have to ? That's my question., he could have gone for a nice walk in the park, but that doesn't get the bills paid...if he didn't write about this someone else would've...

I agree with allot of what he's saying, sure there's a bit of a kicking them while they're down aspect but it's accurate IMO.

Especially agree with the Grey Cup pricing killing the demand. When the end zone seats are the best selling ones, it's easy to see they missed the mark....waiting for my promo code :smiley:

Alas, you're probably right but my point is he could've wrote about the Leafs, the Jays or the Liverpool FC. Instead he wrote about something that most CFL fans already know and if you aren't a CFL fan, why would you care ?.. I don't watch baseball. I don't care about baseball so I don't read or care about any troubles the league has. That's my point.

Old Arash is kinda getting his kicks in at Bell/CFL/Argos , it is a good article until he starts making pricing comparisons to the Wild Card game and the G.C game .
He states a ticket for the wild card game costs $250 in the 200 level , doesn't say where in the 200 level , it could be in no mans land.
He also does not say what tickets are going for behind home plate (or anywhere else) for not only the W.C game but for the ALDS or the ALCS. or the world series , for that matter.

This is where he and his article loses credibility in my mind, if he wants to make comparisons then do it right and give us more information to work with so his readers can come to a fair assumption on if what he is stating is fair , he instead puts a spin on it that is self serving to fulfill his own agenda .

That is why the editor states at the beginning of the article that he works for Rogers and Sportsnet.

All pro sports is ridiculous in terms of money for tickets. I have my ticket for the game, it’s called cable subscription. Any money I think of spending on pro sports from now on in I’ll do a mindfulness exercise and stop, think and put my money where I really want to instead of pro sports getting BOTH my cable money and a ticket to the game. Cat rescues is where my money will go.

Mind you I’m on a retirement budget, not a lot of money. Not sure if I win the lottery if that’ll change my mind. Now, if I can just win some big money in a lottery! :wink:

But seems like a no-brainer for the CFL to make sure one of the teams in the GC is hosting the Cup but that idea has been bashed on here so many times, not worth talking about it. Guess the league doesn’t care though, they have the money upfront from the hosting team/city regardless if one ticket is sold for the game or not. I think that’s how it works, correct? The game is essentially already sold-out for the league? :?

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This kvetching about the ticket prices is much ado about nothing IMHO.

I'll start out my post with a joke.

You know a guy is from Toronto when he paid $200 for a jacket and tells his friends he paid $500.

You know a guy is from Winnipeg when he paid $200 for a jacket and tells his friends he paid $50.

Being born and bred in the 'peg allows me to attest to the funny truth of this joke but it underlies the pricing strategy of GC tix.

Which is, you gotta start somewhere.

If they sell out before the game at face then the organizers are geniuses. They won't of course, and like most Cups before it you'll be able to land a couple of ducats the night before the event at less than face value...perhaps much less than face but you can never be sure. As someone who has attended the majority of the past 15 GC's and NEVER bought tickets in advance, some years it's tough to get them cheap...don't know why, just is.

Bottom line is, if you pay $200 for a $400 face value ticket, you're pretty happy, right?

Who's paying $400 for a ticket now? Corps most likely, and sponsors who are pitched a face value for their deals to inflate the $$ value of their package and could care less about what they're actually worth...they're giving them to clients anyway and would much rather see a $400 face to impress their customers.

There are three groups of cash buyers for tickets. One being fans of the Western team. Two ,fans the eastern team and the third group is that faithful group of knuckleheads, myself included, who attend the game in person, year after year after year. These folks will take care of a good chunk of the game tickets especially given the lower number available this year compared to some past years, and the rest will be sold somehow, somewhere.

And for the organizers it'll all work out and they'll make a buck because the host cities always do.

...the only thing I'd disagree with in your post cartman is the last minute snap-up of tickets from the eventual western representative's fans...although the state of the economy in BC is better than Alberta right now, I can't see a whole lot of folks west of the 110 degrees meridian having the expendable cash to follow their squad out to TO should their team make it to the big game...hope I'm wrong, but it's a dose of reality for the current season...

Your point is well taken and yes, the economy is tough in Alberta, especially down south. But, most of the travelling fans tend to be 40+ and they're generally ok money wise. In fact, I suggest if the Stamps are in the game then many might consider a trip to TO and the Cup a replacement for their annual AZ trip given the US dollar. If the Esks happened to squeak through there'd be less of an affect as Edmonton is generally doing fine so there's disposable money to travel and their fan base is very loyal.

As far as BC being in the game, you're probably right that fewer from the Lower Mainland would bother to attend...and to be fair, it's a long, expensive trip to YYZ from YVR.

The RedBlacks are the :wink: class of the East.

They should make it to the Cup. All those blue dots that Arash has indicated, will be filled.

It will be like an Ottawa home game. Just like it was a Rider home game in 2009 .

If Esks are in as the East Champ, it will be a tough sell.

However, there is enough passion with the Alberta rivalry that enough would go just to out cheer each other.

Then again, it is easy for me to say. I still have my nice well paying position.

As the season comes to an end the tickets will be snapped up by out of town CFL fans.
I doubt too many people in Toronto will buy tickets. It's good for the city to have 30k plus from out of town staying in hotels, spending money in restaurants and bars.

Roger's smegmadani writing a negative piece about the Torobto GC... In October... Promising.

Was Smegmadani bringing up price gouging for the Bills in To series?


Or bringing up the fact that the Toronto Bills series was cancelled before the full 5 years of the initial deal? I mean, that is nothing short of pure embarrassement for a city like Toronto that considers itself nothing other than "major" and "big time". No wonder Jerry Jones from the 'Boys said Toronto was a disappointment. Yup. Hey, Toronto isn't a football city, just call it like it is. Toronto will have to be happy with BMO Field as it's football stadium even though that stadium, from what I know, is no where near what the NFL is looking for. Albeit a step up from any baseball stadium the stadium has for playing football in as a "football first" stadium. Would the NFL play an exhibition game at BMO Field? Who knows?

It may look like the only way the TOR Grey Cup will sell over 30,000 tickets is if the Riders are playing the TiCats.

It is possible that if McMaster is playing in the Vanier Cup @ THF this year, it could outsell the Grey Cup.

Or reduce the prices to a reasonable amount. When the best selling section are the end zones seats, it kind of tells me they did a bit of a miscalculation of the marketplace there :smiley:

Looking at Ticketmaster for Vanier Cup...the sales are worse than the Grey Cup...yikes

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