Arash Madani spreading rumors about HUFF

This is so stupid. Arash states that he is not into rumors and then spreads this rumor based on other people asking him if he knows anything about the rumor. His credibility has just gone down in my books by quite a lot.

Really though, what could the Riders offer...

  1. Money -> Calgary can match any contact offer I'm sure.
  2. Autonomy -> If Huff still wants to coach after this season then send Dickinson packing.

After everything that's happened in the Rider organization this year, I'm sure they could use the stability that Huff would bring. But I kind of see him as a "rental player" to borrow an NHL term. Someone who's useful enough for a 1-2 year term, but a big question mark beyond that. Think they might be better off giving Jeremy O'Day the reins and seeing what he can do. He's young, immersed in the Rider "culture" (whatever that means) and he has had the opportunity to train under an experienced GM. Okay, okay ... Brendan Taman :smiley: (There goes my argument.)

Huff's is under contract for next season and I assume the Stamps/CSEC would be easily extend his contract. The only reason Dave Dickinson is scheduled to take the coaching reigns next year is because Huff want's him to and want's to only be GM.

A fairly reckless article with no basis. Huff isn't going any where . Has a great thing going in Calgary, he is 64 and has things set up nicely.

Is anyone surprised that something like this has come from Arash Madani? The guy is not connected whatsoever in the CFL circle, I think any one of us on this board have as much of an "inside scoop" as he does. He likes to stir the pot to get people talking, but the reality is he does not know CFL football and he does not know any sources in the CFL. He works for Rogers, and he mostly covers Tennis.

One of those Jon Snow you know nothing meme's would be perfect for Arash.

Well he certainly knew somebody who had the CFL schedule before it officially got released this season.

I follow him on Twitter and much (but admittedly not all - especially when he himself prefaces his post with comments about it being just rumour) of what I first read on his tweets when it comes to CFL stuff - turns out to be true. His tweet was the first source I saw for Chamblin being fired.

This guy is a Rogers employee, that's all we need to know.
How can anyone take him seriously.

A toilet and then perhaps a plumber on call might do so, but that sounds like about it.

Here ya go :lol: .........................ARASH..........................................

Il faudrait peut-être dire à Madani que le mois d'avril est après le mois de mars et avant le mois de mai.