Arash Madani says Jeremiah Masoli is not Vaccinated

I'm referring to the league's policy in regards to the government's travel mandate

Yes it's physically possible for someone to driver personally but it's not a commutable distance hence it doesn't affect eastern teams

…it’s called a ‘road trip’, sask rents a 15 passenger van, leaves Saturday about supper time and the couple/few unvaxx’d players are safely tucked into their Winnipeg hotel beds by midnight….this isn’t a trip to the moon, I’m not sure what the big deal is here…

…kids in the W bus all over the prairies to play hockey games this way


5.5 hour drive, is a nothing burger.

Seriously have you never drove on a vacation anywhere?


A 5.5 hour drive is not a commute, which is the context I was talking about, re: travel restriction policy

Exactly. I highly doubt the league would stand in the way of the unvaccinated Riders staff driving to Winnipeg to join the team. He or she is just not allowed to fly with them.

I believe, Randy Ambrosie wanted teams to travel together, if it were bussing for some, it would be bussing for all. The CFLPA was looking into this. I never heard any updates.

At that time, again by my aging memory, O'Shea said it will be a long bus ride to Hamilton. I believe we had 1 person not vaccinated. And again no update on that either.

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Does it have more to do with crossing provincial borders and less with the travel distance?

more to do with travelling by air and rail. It's against regulations

The league decided Tuesday that any players not able to travel with their teams to road games once the federal government invokes its mandate on vaccinations for air and rail travel on Nov. 30th will be put on a suspended list and not paid for any missed games.


The travel regulation is not a CFL one; it is a federal government one. Non-vaccinated people cannot travel on Canadian airplanes or trains.

The CFL's policy is that if you can't travel with the team, you can't play.

The Tiger-cats do not need to travel on a plane or train because Toronto is a 45-minute drive from Hamilton. They will be travelling by bus. Ergo Masoli is able to travel with his team, and can therefore participate.

If the Riders opted to take a bus to Winnipeg, the staffer would be able to travel with them, and he would be able to participate in whatever capacity he does. But since they have opted to fly, that person cannot travel with them, and cannot participate.

This is a non-issue.


Your quote references travel by air or train.
This article is dated October 19 2021. The CFLPA was looking into this. I haven't seen an updated

Read further,

Teams in the East can easily bus to any location within their division, meaning no team will be at risk of missing players for the East Division Final.

However, with Winnipeg about to clinch first place in the West, their opposition will have a choice to make: either fly to the game and leave some players behind, or travel by bus and bring everybody.

Busing from Regina (573 kilometres) to Winnipeg is certainly doable but is a tougher contemplation for Calgary (1,357 km) and especially Vancouver (2,423 km).

Getting to the Grey Cup will also be tricky for the West representative.

It is 1,968 kms from Winnipeg, the anticipated site of the West Division Final, to Hamilton, host of this year’s Grey Cup.

Also doable, depart Monday, arrive Tuesday.
You remember CFL use to travel by train, it would be common to travel over two or three days. Example Montreal to Vancouver.

The Ticats bus to Toronto, so even if Masoli is unvaxed as Madani has insinuated it has no bearing on his team.
WPG or SSK is in a completely different situation


Thanks Grover, I knew if anyone you could find the correct article you would.
Your rolodex runneth over.

If Winnipeg wins
If we have any players unvacxed

O'Shea said it will be a long bus ride.

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…the bombers should do the right thing and meet the riders halfway, literally, in Virden…

…I’ll bet there’d be no shortage of rider fans with huge expensive RV buses that would love to shuttle their team to Winnipeg in style…

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Masoli will lose quite a bit of money in free agency by being unvaccinated or possibly he will retire. Seems odd to be so opposed.

Just because their house has wheels, doesn't mean they need to drive it everywhere they go.

Damn, my house has a flat. Everybody go play in the yard while I change the tire

Lets just consider that the source of this news is Madani/sportsnet before going judgemental on it


Until or unless, a team/CFL(PA) makes an announcement regarding players vaxx status, it just hearsay.
Take it for what it's worth


Madani/Cox/Sportsnet will say anything negative to discredit our League.
DON'T buy into it