Arash Madani says Jeremiah Masoli is not Vaccinated

Madani says the CFL is making things up as they go along because somebody of the Riders (non-player) is not allowed to follow the team to Winnipeg because that person is not vaccinated. He continues by saying that because Masoli is a starting QB and their owner is Bob Young, different rules apply.

What different rules?

The CFL threshold has been met by the Ticats.

Since the flight rules went into effect, He hasn't had to travel on a train or plane.

Personal feelings aside, what's the issue?


Okie dokie there okie . How about a link or two to back up your so called post .
Honestly considering it's apparently from one Mr. Trash Madani I'm calling total and absolute BS on this thread and post . So I tell ya what , prove me wrong there buddy . I'll be waiting right here for your response .


Unless abiding by the government's rules effective this month for not allowing unvaccinated people to travel by plane or train is making things up. Simple geography should be able to help Arash out

Hamilton to Toronto is about 56km therefore drivable... unvaccinated Ti-Cats can travel and play

Regina to Winnipeg is about 572km therefore not drivable. Riders will need to travel by plane hence unvaccinated can't go with the team.

Another nothing burger


Madani wrote the book on how to grill "nothing burgers"

Honestly getting sick with the total cheap shot journalism and negativity all of a sudden magically showing up from the likes of Trash and Cox just before the EF and WF finals and the Grey Cup .


…wha?! Ppl drive that every day

…leave at 6 with coffee in the yeti and pull into the Peg about lunchtime, no big deal


It needed to be said Bobo


Dear Sportsnet,

Don’t you have a MLB lockout to cover?


Do you have a source for this?

Is Arash still pissed at Bob because he called out the Media?

Of my 2 questions I think the second is more likely


I never realized I had a reputation of posting BS in this forum.

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For two years, I would drive from Winnipeg to Regina, then work 12 a hour shift, before I book into my hotel room. My shift was Tuesday to Friday 4 days 12 hour shifts
On Friday after working 12 hours travel back home another 5 hours.
Nothing to it.


Thanks for supplying the clip

It was a radio broadcast, but whatever.

Can I ask what Radio Broadcast? Apologies as I couldn’t make out who he was talking to and on what Station

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Riders station CKRM. Show is Sportscage that is normally hosted by Derek Taylor. Taylor was not the host today. Madani is a regular on that show.

Much appreciated. No doubt something in print will be forthcoming Friday. No way it stays quiet now true or not

Not sure about that. Most just ignore Madani. Maybe if CFL News on Twitter posts it, people will take notice and respond. For one thing, we do not even know if Madani is accurate about Masoli being unvaccinated.


Very true. He does have an axe to grind with Bob Young so I’m skeptical. Unnamed sources is something to be leery of as well

Just odd this has not been mentioned before now


Apologies also for questioning your source in a previous post. The clip was appreciated

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What do you mean, the riders used to take the bus to Winnipeg. Anyone can drive, it’s not that difficult.