Arash Madani says Genius Sports is Pushing for 4 Downs

Wanting to preserve 3 downs in the CFL is like defending Helm's deep. Wonder to know if a Gandalf type of guy will save us in time or not.


If this is true I wonder how soon they will make this change. Naylor mentioned something along these lines during Grey Cup week but nothing coming from Genius.

IIRC there is a board of governors meeting next week - don't know the exact day. Maybe we'll get some news then

I must be missing something. How does Genius Sports get any say??


Genius is a part owner of the league's revenue arm - CFL Ventures. On some level they would have the same influence as any other owner


If Genius Sports pushes for '4 downs' (like in the NFL), how long before Genius Sports also pushes for '100 yard fields with 10 yard endzones' (also like in the NFL)? Would it not follow that other changes would be 'pushed' on us like say... dropping the 'Canadian' from CFL and changing it to something more expansion friendly? Should we get ready for the 'IFL' (International Football League)?


CFL made a marketing deal with them last fall. Genius gets 10% of generated revenue by the sound of it. Genius is also partially owned by the NFL.

No doubt a gambling consortium is lurking


4 Downs???
You'd think that their highly analytical, personalized data driven approach would've shown that CFL fans don't want this... AT ALL !!!
They should change their name to Idiot Sports,
Seems more on(moron :rofl:) to me!


Well not to be argumentative but many football fans would prefer CFL having 4 downs.

I do know that gamblers want 4 downs to make their handicapping more standard, I suspect Genius is after that demograpic big time.


4 downs + 1 yard off the ball = 90% run plays, screens or Short dump passes
It would equal the biggest change to our game possibly ever


interesting math.

New math might say :
4 downs. + 10 wide field= 90 %pass pass pass


Why aren't there more partners with money out there for the CFL to marry who like us just the way we are?

I want a divorce.


Wasn't around this time last year, the XFL talking about talking surfaced. Among other things that we're debated about....4 downs.......and people lament the league isn't in the news in the off season.....

It doesn't seem this debate is going anywhere. MLSE was a strong backer of those the league has a new partner in that camp.

Saying that, a decision won't come anytime soon.

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A ten percent buy-in shouldn't get Genius Sport equal say on game rules. Recommend the CFL go to 4 downs is a lazy way to earn their 10%. If that is the best that they can come with, then dissolve the partnership


A rule change proposal is fair ball. It takes a majority + to make it happen. Relax everybody.


So it's not an EQUAL partnership then. Whew. I'll exhale now.

I wonder if Genius gets a vote in a boardroom since they're an investor though they don't actually own a team.

IIRC based on the return to play vote it needs a greater and 2/3rds majority. 7 out of 9 votes. It would be the same number needed if 10.

Sorry - but if the CFL switches to 4 downs - might as well merge with the XFL, USFL and all the other "FL's" down south and call it a day. That isn't CFL football.


At the very least, the CFL should play some exhibition games using 4 downs and gauge interest and game flow. As much as I prefer three downs, adopting a fourth down does not mean the end of Canadian football. Heck, it could signal the renaissance of Canadian football.

Canadian football is more than just the number of downs. You can play Canadian football with four downs. Many high schools across the country already do.

And, if the CFL is truly interested in taking the game global, well the rest of the world plays gridiron football with four downs not three.

All this said, I'm not entirely convinced this change actually happens anytime soon. But, I guess we'll see.


It's a recommendation that the league shouldn't entertain. GS is group of lazy f***s. I hope the PA tells them where they can put their 4 down idea. GS haven't added any other new proposals like marketing, gambling. GS should market the uniqueness of 3 down football instead of the status quo of 4 down. The CFL ain't the NFL