Arash Madani picks Cats for first place


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.@ArashMadani It's early but who are you liking in the #CFL East?

Arash Madani @ArashMadani

I concur! :wink:

He will change his mind he flip flops like Lebron "LeFlop" James

Don't forget that Arash also just tweeted that Halifax can support a CFL team :? :?

Actualy, I hope he is right on both counts :wink:

Well, I picked Cats to WIN GC from Vegas :rockin:

Just look at my signature to see how I feel. :wink:

I really don't care what Arash Madani thinks about the CFL. He'd rather talk about the Minnesota Vikings than Canadian football. He works for Rogers and CFL news on that network is a non- entity. They bought the CIS television rights and then failed to show regular season games. What was that all about? They obviously don't care about Canadian football fans, so why should we care what Arash Madani thinks? :thdn: :thdn: :thdn:

Pat Lynch(the old guy)

Yeah, what’s up with that? Their CIS coverage was a real disappointment. This year I’ve got an android box so I’ll be catching more games.

It is an easy pick for an informed CFL follower to Pick Ticats.
It is also a 25% throw a dart whoever anyone picks.
Preseason picks before any preseason games is a crap shoot.
10 guys could step up and make teams unexpectedly. A key injury can happen.
Bottom line an informed CFL reporter thinks enough of what the Cats have on their roster to win the East.
Better then him picking someone else I guess.

Arash Madani tweets more about Canadian football than anybody who works for TSN that I follow on Twitter. If I want to know what's happening in Canadian football - a quick view of Madani's Twitter feed is usually a decent place to start. Either his own tweets or all the other CFL reporters he follows and retweets on a daily basis and you can quite quickly get CFL stuff every day pretty much.

In the last 24 hours alone there are at least 30 Tweets that are CFL or CIS related in his Twitter feed besides the ones about standings predictions and the Halifax situation. And this during the off season.

I don't give a damn who he works for - he knows his stuff - moreso than most reporters - having worked for CFL teams in his past pre-Rogers life.

Can't say I blame him. Look at the other east teams. It's a mess.

I have a concern about the defence but it's actually not a huge concern.

I wouldn't say Ottawa is a mess. Burris is still there, and their backup QB could start for any team, their four 1,000 yard receivers coming back, a pretty good "O" line and Powell is a great RB.
The Als are in a mess at QB and uncertainty in Toronto too especially if Ray goes down.
I can't see the Ticats being number one without ZC.

can the Tiger-Cats 1,000% take first in the east Arash?

Mr. Spock replies to Madani:

Troll Alert! Troll Alert!

Remember not to feed the "animals". They will get discouraged and ply their evil trade elsewhere.

Now that is logic. :stuck_out_tongue:


I've learned not to make predictions in the CFL. Remember Matt Dunnigan?

[i]Respectfully Mike, you can have your say here on the main forum:


Vote early and vote often! :cowboy:


:thup: :thup:

Comme toutes les équipes cette année, Hamilton a ses démons à surmonter. Et les Coupes Grey ne se gagnent pas en juin non plus. La course devrait être plus serrée dans l'Est cette saison considérant que les Alouettes ont de meilleurs éléments à l'attaque, surtout du côté des entraîneurs. Cela dit, la bande à Austin part en bonne condition dans cette course même si les absences de Collaros et de Medlock pourraient se faire sentir. Pour beaucoup, cela tient davantage à la progression de Masoli qu'autre chose. Si Masoli poursuit sur sa progression de l'année dernière, cette équipe pourrait demeurer au cœur de la course dans l'Est. On a vu ce qu'Austin a fait avec ses jeunes quarts-arrières, aussi il est logique de penser que ce scénario est probable.

Mais à mon sens, ce sera une saison de surprises dans l'Est. On pourrait autant voir une course entre Montréal et Hamilton qu'une course entre Toronto et Ottawa ou même une course à 4.