Arash Madani of Sportsnet on Corey Chamblin

From Drew Edward's Scratching Post

"What I'm not sure about is, if the head coach in Saskatchewan picks his own staff or is urged to keep certain assistants, I'm not quite sure how that will shake down. But once Hamilton gets eliminated there will be another candidate and if there's anybody who I would think will be a front-runner, it will be Corey Chamblin, the defensive coordinator of the Tiger-Cats."

Hamilton gets eliminated !!! I'm not saying we are going to win Sunday but doesn't "when Hamilton's season is over" sound better.

Playoff football is in the air and I for one am pretty territorial these days.

And pretty fired up!

Hope the Cats read that statement and use it for added tiger mauling motivation this week.

How bombastic of him to say that. :thdn:

Who? This is sort of like my next door neighbour who likes sports and wants to be a real reporter saying the same thing to get noticed. lol No fodder here.

I was thinking the exact same thing when I read that. It was a weird and poor choice of words but whatever lets just prove em wrong.

Interesting, jealousy towards Hamilton making the playoffs and not the Argos. :wink:

I hope Madani drops into the Boatman's dressing room and gives them all Arash. :thup: