Arash Madani misses the point...

Just read his last column. What a way to rationalise things... He makes the whole thing about Williams' pot use and his talent. DUH! Who cares if he smoked pot! Few people do. EVERYONE knows he is greatly talented. That is all besides the point. The "stink" about Ricky Williams joining Toronto, is that he has a valid contract with another professional league. According to the CFL rules, and the CFL-NFL agreement (that also protects CFL players who are under contract with a CFL team from signing with NFL teams), this is not allowed. OH, but the great and smart CFL breaks the rules for a short term gain (déjà vu...) and does not think about the future...
I also bet that if Saskatchewan or Montreal tried to sign Williams, then the CFL would have enforced the rules and not let them sign Williams. Once again, the Holy Grail of the city of Toronto gets special treatment...

as ive said in a different thread:

dont watch....

  • NFL has guys charged with money laundering, Sex boat scandles, wife beating, shootings, drug trafficing, you name it...yet ricky is banned for smoking pot( not performance enhancing and he smoked in the offseason ) and harming NOONE....hypocritical.

-the star reports ( and tom wright said this on PTS ) that neither league ( NFL or CFL ) enforces the others u cant fault the CFL when its a 2 way street.

-the dolphins and NFL both gave the argos thier OK.

-ricky will be tested every 3rd day by the he will be clean.

-i'd rather ricky talk to kids about drugs, because they are more likely to listen to a story of a persons true experience then just a cop or teacher saying 'dont do drugs because i say so'.

-the only people who dont like this deal are people who dont like the CFL, never watch the CFL, or dislike the argos because they cheer a different team.

-there is no salary cap for this season, because montreal, hamilton, bc and edmonton BOG's all shot it down., so if your argument is the argos are over a cap, IT DOESNT EXIST. blame those teams i just listed.

  • hamilton and edmonton did a sneeky side deal to cheat thier way to future success ( grey cup and hamiltons '06 season ) hamilton fans and edmonton fans cant say a word.

  • the ONLY teams that objected to this deal in BOG meetings, were hamilton and would think, its because they already play to 100% capacity every game, so have nothing to benifit from this.

and after all this, if u STILL dont like it, DONT WATCH...either the CFL or just the argos, DONT WATCH

So, in other words, the only people who LIKE this deal are Argos fans... Hmmm.... That makes sense. Hardly an argument in your favour, though.

read the CALGARY SUN article.

Gee I wonder when Ricky Williams became the only player in the CFL. I pay to watch my team(Riders) and support people like Szarka, Dominguez, Keith, the Oline and Dline and other players who play the game cause they love to play. As I have said in another post, this is a one time deal with Williams, all the press and attention will be over as soon as Ricky goes back to Miami. He is the only reason that the Americans are watching the CFL in the first place. Once he leaves so will those fans.

The difference between all the things you listed and what ricky did is that the NFL has a strict policy against hwat he did so the suspension makes perfect sense especially since hes a repeat offender. It would be hypocritical if they had a policy for people that were proven to beat their wives and someone htat was a repeat offender there didnt get an appropriate punishment THAT would be hypocritical

-i'd rather ricky talk to kids about drugs, because they are more likely to listen to a story of a persons true experience then just a cop or teacher saying 'dont do drugs because i say so'.
Terrible idea. What is he gonna say to kids? dont smoke pot because then therell be less for me? or dont smoke pot because otherwise youll only be able to get a six figure job instead of a 7 or 8 figure one?

thats not what i said at all. there are people who like this deal who support other CFL teams, NFL teams and americans.

but its true anyone who disagrees with this deal, fall in the catagories i listed above.

do u really think ricky is gonna say that?...c'mon. thats the best u could think of?

I dont know hes on drugs he could say anything and not know it. I guess he could take the kids to a prison to talk with inmates so that way they can hear from as many people that made all the right choices in life. The only leson this guy teaches is that you can do drugs and still make a very good living. HArdly something youd want to teach kids

now your just acting stupid, and are wasting my time.