please tell me that today is april fools day, or that the cats have just came up with the best joke ever.RAISING the ticket prices???? give me a break.they are coming off another dissappointing year, the stadium isnt worthy of a semi pro team , the concessions are constantly disorganized and the food is continuously awful, and they want us to pay more??what else do we need to do?? we come to every game almost pack the stadium, and support woeful teams year after year and this is our thanks???the organization needs a reality check. either, improve/plan to build a new stadium. have adequate food preparation equiptment/better quality food.improve restrooms(maybe put tools in the mens cause women get flowers). MOST IMPORTANTLY: PUT A WINNER ON THE FIELD. UNTIL ONE IF NOT ALL THOSE CRITERIA IS MET HOW DO YOU JUSTIFY TICKET PRICE INCREASES?

what do you expect when the ticat managment went to the MLSE school of business. keep rasing prices and put mediocore product on the field (ie toronto maple leafs and raptors)

geeze man, its 2 bucks a game accross the board on every ticket....thats less than a loaf of bread


the amount doesnt matter, its the principle behind it. there shouldnt be an increase until maybe after next year, after the fans have been shown by management their commitment to improvement.

so would you be complaining if they raised the price by 1 penny per ticket??

and 1tccat, i agree with you...

only 2 dollars a game? since 2004 my tickets (boxJ) have gone from $390. to $503. in some sections (box I) these tickets are over $600, when in 2004 they were only $390.

I doubt the MSLE comment is relivent seeing how they force Maple Leaf season ticket holders to purchase their seat for Raptors season tickets in the lower bowl. Now that seems unfair.

Plus the Ticats are still the second cheapest average ticket price in the CFL.

well now your box J tickets went from 480 to 503, again a $23 increase (which i believe includes a pass to next years Tigertown)....if you start saving now and save 5.47 cents a day, after 1 year you will have saved enough to pay for your increase


Not to stir the pot here, but the Argos didn't increase season ticket prices this year. (Edit: On ALL tickets now, including mine!) :smiley:

But what bothers me about the announcement is this line:

"· First chance to purchase playoff tickets"

Shouldn't the Argo fans get the first chance? After all, it IS their stadium where the playoff game is being held. :twisted:

Okay, maybe I WAS trying to stir the pot

Hey Tucky

"Make your words soft and sweet,
in case you have to eat them. " :wink: :smiley:

thanks Ron.

Too bad you didnt sign the 3 year :slight_smile:

The cost of doing business has gone up over the yrs., the price of tickets must rise.
The Ti-Cats prices are still near the bottum of the league.

     If you don't like the product you don't buy  !

     They're not going to cut the prices for whiners.  Put up or shut up.

I did sign the 3 year traditions, i was just comparing the prices then and now. and what we might be paying next year

so the reality is your price has not gone up any dollars in the last three years and if you are a tradition club member then it will stay the same next year ?!?

the reality is they went up $53. because they grouped 2004 with 2005 tradition clubs together and with the same income for the last 10 years it makes a little difficult each year

Did you expect the best season tickets in the CFL (sight lines, height, distance from the feild) to stay at $390??? For a season ticket? That price would buy you 3 games in a similar area in Montreal. Endzone tickets now a days are half the $390 you originally paid yet still the cheapest ticket in the entire CFL.

you'd think the institution of a salary cap for next year would mean that the ticats wouldn't have a reason to increase ticket prices....

just some food for thought...