Apple to spend Billions on Pro Sports Broadcasting,


If only the CFL was free to actually capitalize on the growth of live events that have grown in the last 5 years or more .

Maybe getting two or more teams up and running fast would free up the deal with extra game or two a week .


I put it out there and didn't add a word :slight_smile:
It is there for future historical record :slight_smile:

For arguments sake - If Apple gave a lump of money to the CFL and said we need 3 to 5 teams in the States - Say $300 Million USD? 3 downs no rule changes, Rouge etc - CFL football - would you make that deal with devil? What is your number to sell your soul to Apple?

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Everyone has been wondering where the XFL will be... I think we have some insight now.

When you have a name like The Rock that you can commit to anciliary projects, not hard to figure out that AppleTV and Garcia's production company are a match made in heaven,


True Statements - Yeah the Rock has a pretty far reach - Like him or Hate him that guy has the ability to spread the word - he has 278 million followers on Instagram - Dude has a huge following - That dude can bring eyeballs to whatever projects he in involved in -


If Apple ever knows what the Canadian Football League is, ever, I'll be a monkey's uncle.

Get real people, nothing going to happen with this. Sorry to spoil the party. Hopefully I'm wrong but I'll bet all the money I have, which isn't much, I'm right.

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I guess this things has gone completely over your head.

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Completely, bingo! Over my head as much as you want to say "over my head". ... Come on Hf, you can reply here, I know you can... Make my day! Do it buddy, I know you have it in you...

The money invested in live sports would add to the roughly $7 billion Apple already spends annually on original content for its platform, and has been earmarked for exclusivity contracts (and eventual renewals) with franchises and sports leagues in particular. Will be done.

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Ok, could be so. You really think Apple is going to give a flying f... with a smallish domestic league like the CFL that can't even pay salaries/contracts in some regards like a minor league like the AHL in a smallish country like Canada? I don't think so. But maybe I'm wrong, who knows. My cousin once removed as a piecemeal player with the Marlies makes almost as much as the highest paid CFL player.


Now if you think the XFL + IOS game + Movies and TV shows with Seven Bucks Production is not something Apple would consider...

Where's the CFL in your equation?

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Exactly... It did go over your head.

Red Notice, starring Dwayne Johnson, Ryan Reynolds and Gal Gadot, has become Netflix's most-watched film of all time , surpassing the previous record-holder, Bird Box.

Completely agree as this relates to the CFL. No disagreement there, at all. You da man! This topic should not be in the CFL main topics, it should be in the "other leagues and entertainment" thread category IMHO but then I really couldn't give a rats you know what where it goes on this site truth be told. If they who control this site want to keep it here, fine, but I bet my bottom dollar Apple doesn't give a single penny to CFL programming, not a penny. Hopefully I'm wrong on this.

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I guess that one could look at this in the context of streaming services not just Apple - I think that we are in a transformative period in delivery of liner contents like sports to the end users - the pipeline is int he process of changing from Cable TV delivery to internet based streaming services - the CFL might not be a big enough fish for Apple but I would think that there are other smaller players in that arena that might look at a 12 or 14 team CFL as a value property to have -

Peacock which is NBC streams Lacrosse, English Rugby, Motocross and the EPL. Paramount/CBS streams a hell of a lot of soccer - they even stream the Argentinian and Brazilian leagues- a 9 team CFL might not be very attractive to a streaming service but a 12 or 14 team league might bring more value -


I have Apple TV it needs some content period .

It's not exactly great TV . Ted Lasso was popular last year but was not really a fan .

It will probably need Canadian content in the future . Wherever , whoever or whatever .

A game of the week live or even more .

The other streams as well Amazon , Netflix ..... . Streaming will finally give the CFL what it needs actual bidding for it's product .

Add in gambling the CFL could finally have a financial breakout out if they play their cards right .



Why can't they setup their own streaming service? Watch or replay the game without a PVR. If they bundled all their legacy media and hired a couple guys to make more then what the hell, I would pay for that service. (More for commercial free) Give us training camps, free agency, open practices, the combine, the draft, and bundle all the media on the website, start doing "reunion" interviews with players and coaches from older Grey Cups and put together "Championship season" films like the NFL.

Too much? Then partner with TSN to produce it. Make it a separate thing so you can get just CFL on your subscription. Price it about 10 bucks a month.



"Up and running fast" was the same mistake of the CFL USA and Ottawa Renegades

Even if REDBLACKS had a tough time you see the difference prep made

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