Applauding Tom Higgins

I think every CFL fan should read this and applaud, with me, the league's Head of Officiating for stepping up, rather than covering up, and openly discussing a bad call by one of his crews. Unfortunately, while doing so, he fails to address directly a fan's query on "Tandem Blocking" which occurs in almost every game and yet has never, to my recollection, been flagged. Try the quiz. I'll admit I didn't know the answer and my guess was wrong,

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Now, is this report proves to be true, Higgins is REALLY standing up, on that bad call:

I just saw this on tsn and im pretty impressed.

I too am impressed with both TH and the CFL. I think TH might have said though, what the CFL might have or might not have done if the goal line stand was unsuccessful - change the outcome to an All Wets victory or done nothing and let the bummers have a "free" one. :roll:

I also admit to feeling sorry for the dismissed ref. They all try their best I'm sure and one (?) error shouldn't be enough for dismissal. (I put the question mark after 'one' as I don't know if he has had other errors and may have been on probation. The TSN story didn't indicate this either way).

Its about time someone in the officiating profession lost their job because of poor performance. Players get canned everyday because of 2 many bad performances. now i don't like seeing someone lose their job, but there has to be some accountabilty of the officals. mistakes have been covered up too long

I have no problem with a ref getting fired after one bad call. Its your job to make the right call and if Winnipeg had come back and won the game that would have been a huge mistake.

I agree 1tccat.

I just don't think they should be canned for one error, no matter how egregious. This would mean that all refs would be too scared to make ANY decisions as it could lead to dismissal. I've made mistakes at work before. If I thought that if I made just one error it could lead to me being turfed I don't see how, realistically, I could continue doing my job.

Have you never made a mistake at work? Do you think that you should be fired for making a mistake? I'm not trying to be flippant here. We all make mistakes. That is why we are human. EVERYONE deserves a second chance. We don't know, from what has been written so far, if this was the ref's 1st or 21st mistake, nor should we. The man is entitled to his privacy if nothing else.

Again TH never said what would have happened if the bummers scored and won the game. I think this should be a consideration when assigning fault to anyone.

While I agree losing ones job over a mistake may sound harsh, I think we have to look at the "mistake". This wasn't just a little oh oh. This was a colossal gaffe that almost directly resulted in the outcome of the game. It's one thing to make a minor mistake at work, but if my error in judgement was as huge as this back judges, then I could also end up out of a job.

I have seen a lot of CFL, and especially Tiger cat games over the years. It's one thing if the team doesn't play well or their opponent wants the win more. It's quite another when my team is busting their rears and risking injury to win a game, especially an important game only to have a ref make a poor or bogus call that may cost them a win, or decide a playoff game.

He not only made a mistake, but a very obvious mistake, that if not for a great goal line stand by Montreal would have cost them a game and important points as we head into the final stretch of the season.

How do teams, coaches and most importantly fans have any confidence in the game officials and validity of the league if the refereeing crews are not held accountable. This will send a clear message to the rest of the staff to be on their toes and know the rule book to enforce it properly.

Thank you Tom Higgins.

Unfortunately if an Official is not capable of Officiating at the Professional level then he should NOT be Officiating at the Professional level.
I do applaud Mr. Higgins for keeping the integrity of the league first and foremost.
It is unfortunate for the Official that was let go and I feel for him.
It truly is a thankless job!

I applaud Higgins as well with this. Maybe this official was on the brink of being let go for other issues as well, I don't know. A bit harsh if this wasn't the case though.

Apparently this isn't the first problem that Higgins has had with this particular ref (see the last few paragraphs): ... cfl-wp1443

This wasn't a mistake... It was hidding a mistake. When you look at the play there is no sane person that would have called that penalty had he seen the interaction between the two players. So obviously when Carr threw himself on the ground and the drunk homers in the stadium started screaming the ref panicked and threw his flag.

The firing was the correct move. The message is clear. If you don't see something, don't pretend you did...


Wish Tom Higgins had been in charge for the '83 Eastern Final!

And the 1989 Grey Cup.

The TiCats were royally shafted by many of the calls and non-calls.

I recall Coach Al Bruno having to be restrained by his players from going after the officials after the game.

I would've helped Bruno tar and feather the boys in stripes..The 1989 Grey Cup was a travesty

It's not the refs' fault that we didn't dress enough healthy DBs and ended up getting forced to put Earl Winfield in on defence.

I read something similar to this in today's Spec. It would seem the ref has been given many second chances and probably deserves dismissal.

For the integrity of the game I still think that TH should have said the league would have overturned the result if the All Wets goal-line stand was unsuccessful. The bogus PI call was on 3rd down and the All Wets would have had no trouble killing the last 8 seconds of the game. Not addressing this issue leaves one to doubt that the incorrect result would have stood or not. I know there is no precedent regarding this action, so maybe it would be time to start one. :wink: