Apparently there is a game in Winnipeg tonight... far:

a) the bombers still leave toys out in the endzone for opposing teams to play with,
b) Fred Reid is the man, nice nice run,
c) Tate is, so far, a competent backup.

By far the funniest thing I have read here in a while!!

I would dare say he could be groomed for a starting role as early as next year (somewhere, anyway).....2012 for sure. He has looked good!

Wow, this has been a really good game, I thought it was going to be a pre-season-like game.

NINE games by four points or less! That's half of a season... no one's breaking that record!

Yeah, they've lost some heart breakers this year, all right...I could almost feel sorry for them...well, if they weren't the Bombers. :slight_smile:

Everybody loses heartbreakers along the's the head-scratchers that are worrisome. Even last night, why not go for it with less than a minute and a half left? Why end the season on a punt into the wind? Symbolism? :roll:

Yup, turned out to be an excellent game. Winnipeg is probably the best last place team in a while I think.

Yup same here :stuck_out_tongue:

Good luck today Tabbies, Kick some Lion A$$!

Huh. Guess I should've tuned in. :lol: I thought it'd suck since Calgary would be resting its starters in the second half and Winnipeg would be playing with a fourth string QB. :lol:

There goes the "best 4-14 team" in the history of the CFL lol...
Remind me again how LaPolice is a better coahc than Mike Kelly?
He's awful.

And the there goes another season in Winnipeg...although I think they have a good future. A bit of a young team and coaching staff, but certainly pretty good talent.

I would take LaPolice back here as an offensive coordinator anyday. He has alot of creativity.

I wouldn't say LaPolice is a great coach (mostly because I haven't followed Winnipeg that closely), but he's miles ahead of Mike Kelly.

Mike Kelly didn't have his starting three quarterbacks ALL suffer season ending injuries. That's how. Kelley's team simply played badly.

Michael "Armpunt" BIshop was a solid QB for the Bombers last year.