Apparently no Touchdown Atlantic ...

Worth a shot. Do you think they'd be able to draw enough fans from the Maritimes in general to support a team based in Moncton?


I agree -- a good idea to start testing the waters more, even if you'll need a more viable stadium to support a franchise located in QC.

Here's a couple small-market US locations to test in the Northwest:

Spokane, WA: 28,646 (Joe Albi Stadium)
Boise, ID: 30,000 (Bronco Stadium)

Bronco Stadium is the one with the distinctive blue field. It looks like you could fit a CFL field there (may have to cut the corners in the endzone for the track). Joe Albi Stadium looks to be wide enough, but short. For a one-off, no big deal, just live with short end-zones. If you put an expansion team there, reworking one end to lengthen the field should be do-able without impacting the seating area. Note that recently Joe Albi Stadium narrowly avoided being turned into a housing development (I think the city is experiencing a growth spurt), so the CFL needs to get in there now. :wink: Otherwise, Spokane will share the same distinction as most of the prospective Canadian markets -- no viable stadium!

And consider my personal favorite (in the Eastern US):

Hershey, PA: 16,841 (Hersheypark Stadium)

This is my personal favorite for selfish reasons -- I could easily attend games there. Hersheypark is an amusement park in close proximity to the Harrisburg, Lancaster, and York metro areas, plus about 1.5 hours from Baltimore and less than 2 hours from Philly. You should be able to fill this stadium easily (even with charging a bit more for tickets to compensate for capacity). Capacity includes 1200 bleachers and they probably can fit more of those to get about 20,000. A full-sized CFL field fits. (Long term, for an actual expansion franchise, you'd want to plan to expand/renovate at least one half of this stadium.)

Tom Wright where are you?

You're the only one who knows this file inside and out.


What's the story on

the 30,000 stadium in Moncton, argtom?

The city just last summer wasn't it announced how they would be building a 5000 seater which could be expanded.
The only down side appears the plan to include a running track.
All I know when we had the great Tom Wright he was out in Atlantic Canada shmoozing with the politicians and the only Mayor who came calling back and was very interesated was the Moncton mayor.
In fact there was also the competition as to who would be holding the Atlantic Touchdown game that eventually went to Halifax.
Now that city is toast.
I am not sure but I believe the same mayor is back in Moncton.
Maybe someone can confirm from same.

I still don't think there's enough of a concentrated population in and around Moncton to support a team. You'd be asking an awful lot of people to drive an awfully long ways to attend games.