This in regards to a thread I started called Cheerleaders. It was a huge error in judgement on my part, and my apologies to anyone who was offended by it.

Bleeper bleeping bleepface!!! I feel better.


...a very classy move, sambo...

...personally I don't think you meant any harm, I saw rider fans like you did, others saw native fellows, which I kind of find sad because IMO someone's skin colour should be the last thing you see, if at all...

i didn’t either, people are a little to sensitive.

Same here. :wink:

Agreed, guys, but some were obviously offended, and it shows character to admit that he may have bothered some, albeit unintentionally…

…true enough…

R&W, that doesnt matter. I made a reference to 3 other posters too, which made it worse. My apologies specifically to mikejth, redwhite2005 and berezin99 for the additional comment I made about them as well.

I guess this is just another example of you being fine upstanding citizen again isn't it Sambo

Sarcasm? If so, it's completely unnecessary. How about just accepting the apology and shutting up about it?

Geez mikey, give sambo a hug and a kiss and carry on......

While I think it was apparent, in hindsight, why some were offended, I am certain no offence was meant, Sambo.

You are a class act.

'Nuff said.

How about you shutting up jm

sam shows class...Mikeyboy definitely does not...

It was funny anyways

And thats why we all respect you... :roll:

hmm, never bothered to open that thread, now I am gonna hafta

then again, maybe not

first b99, now sambo being censored

its a bloomin epidemic

You cannot open that thread , it has been deleted.