Apology To Hawkins

If they don't do those 3 things they won't last. That's what I meant. But to fire the guy after five games is not something you do unless you have absolutely no choice. It came very close to that...

You want both. Both is ideal. Not everyone has both.

If you can only have one, you take the coach that wins. Outside of Toronto, it's always easier to sell a winner. Particularly when all you're doing is being mean to reporters for asking stupid questions (as Matthews often was to TSN).

I mean if your choice is Matthews or Trestman and playing for the Grey Cup, or a nice guy like Kavis Reed and playing like the Eskimos, the choice is pretty obvious for most fans.

And the thing is, Trestman was never an a-hole. He was just bland and boring. Hawkins is actively contemptuous of reporters on top of being incompetent.

Great post!!!! Well done, very well done :thup:

The Als had a solid offensive playbook, now with Hawkins in the picture the whole team has to regress. Because HE, Hawkins, doesn’t understand it.

As far as PR goes, I just laugh. He probably cannot speak nor understand one word of French. Even when he speaks English he sounds like a damn clown.

NO apologies to Hawkins. He has to get that American junk-food sludge out of his brain. Did he not have a chance to learn the playbook in the off season? Did the Als check if there was a Canadian coach available instead of that joker?

Bang on. Both is ideal, but if you can only have one or the other take the winner, not the PR guy.