Apology To Hawkins

I would like to personally apologize to Dan Hawkins. Over the past few weeks I have made comments eluding to Hawkins being the main reason why the Als have stumbled so far this year. After being at the game yesterday and watching this man on the sideline, I have to admit I was wrong. I cannot blame Hawkins, because the man has nothing to do with anything that goes on the field. He walked over to the bench area when Miller was speaking to the offense, he listened for a minute then left without anyone even acknowledging his existence, including Miller. He actually threw the challenge flag after an apparent Alouette fumble, throwing the flag after the referees had confirmed that it was still Alouette ball. The man is clueless, he has no place in football at any capacity. Can anyone explain to me how this man has coached in the NCAA and now in the CFL ? He is absolutely comical.

Post of the season :lol:



This thread is making me laugh and cry at the same time.

I think Popp overreacted to Trestman's personality. Trestman was a micro-managing engineer type. So Popp evidently wanted a hands-off manager type. But even a manager has to be involved to some extent, especially on the offensive side of the ball (since that's Hawkins's background). I can understand Hawkins not being involved with the defense; Trestman wasn't really either. But being absolutely detached from the offense? Not. Good.

Very poorly

Excellent assessment. And Popp gave him a rich team of coaches to compensate. And he asked him to be a public figure, which Trestman was not. Makes perfect sense.

Hawkins is counting on his coaches to make it work. Different style as you say, and it seems to be working for special teams and the defense. Offense is Miller's full responsibility.

I think the issue is that Hawkins is so completely uninvolved in the Xs and Os of any unit that it's hard for players to respect him or pay attention to his opinion. I suppose his job consists of being a public figure (which he's failed at so far, by being condescending and arrogant to journalists), dealing with the admin stuff, and managing the game (timeouts, whether or not to gamble, challenges, etc.). But none of that is going to mean much to individual players. When the head coach wanders by while you're talking to your OC about the playbook and you know the HC hasn't designed the playbook and doesn't call the plays, why even pay attention to him?

At least now, we know what happened to Touche

Personally, do not care if the HC is a "public figure". Winning is what matters from my perspective. Matthews was by no means a "public figure" but he won. I am sure they players do not care if the HC is a public figure either.
The GM and President can be the public figures. HC worry about how to get the team prepared to win each and every game.

What bothers me is that with so little to do with the on-field product, Hawkins is failing at the minimal stuff that actually falls within his job description:

PR / public figure: fail (condescension/sarcasm)
Gambles: fail (third-and-1 from our own 30?!)
Challenges: fail ("statistically challenges don't succeed" spiel when he didn't challenge the London catch)
Running practices: fail (can't run things efficiently)
Timeouts: pass
Behind-the-scenes admin stuff: presumably pass

So out of that list, he passes on pushing paper and using timeouts correctly. Wow. COTY candidate! :wink: :roll:

So now i guess you'll all be cheering for the argos in 2 weeks. The sooner he loses the sooner he'll leave.

You might want to register at argofans.com then. They're a pretty fine bunch. Especially Midnight Blue.

Oh, lighten up. Nobody wants the team to lose. Like every other Als fan, I hope Hawkins and Miller turn it around and lead us back into contention. But if the choice is between making a coaching change that allows the team to start winning sooner or keeping on with the status quo, I'd go with the former TBH.

I don't see it as a choice. Popp clearly wants both.

In a hockey city like Montreal, we probably all care that fans actually show up at Molson stadium and, once or twice a year, at the Big O. Matthews made fun of francophone reporters. Trestman, due to his introverted nature, was a poor salesman of the team and the game for that matter.

Hawkins has a chance to reach out and make contact with existing fans, and to help make new ones. He's started with his radio show, he gives lots of interviews, and if his team can be decent on the field, I think this will help to ensure there are fans in the stands.

For me what's important

1- They work hard
2- Are willing and capable of learning
3- They respect the city and its fans when here.

If they do that, the rest will take care of itself.

1-Hawkins hasn't proven that. He has very little to do but what little has to do he hasn't been able to do effectively.
2-They've demonstrated the opposite: arrogance and condescension as if "the science of football" (more Hawkins cliché) is some objective branch of knowledge irrespective of the Canadian game.
3-By virtue of not doing the first two, they are not doing the third either.

I hope they get their act together.

I am not convinced that a HC who may speak to the odd fan or has a radio show will actually get more fans to the stadium.
I think winning is what will fill the seats.

Hawkins is incompetent but he makes up for that by being lazy. One has to wonder how and why he is so arrogant as he definitely is not a leader of men, he is not a good x's and o's guy and has no presence whatsoever. I would doubt if he could lead a local High school team. If Popp had any sense he fires him before the season ends, don't wait for the end of season.

Trestman is the Als' coach with the best record, yet weren't there empty seats at each and every game last year?

AlsPhil. You are correct. In fact, there have been empty seats pretty much since they expanded from 20212 seats to 25012 seats; with both Trestman and now Hawkins as HC.