I would just like to apologize for the forum down-time, we had a hardware failure yesterday (Sunday) morning, and have just now been able to bring the systems back online.

Was anybody actually working on it yesterday??

I suspect no one did until this morning.

Otherwise, it shouldnt have taken over 30 hrs.

You are unbelievable.

  • paul

Glad to see the forums are back up and running, I was wondering where everything was yesturday.

Thanks for the info,

aw shucks :oops: Probably not so, but gee, thanks for saying so :rockin:

so nice to be appreciated by ones peers :thup:

Ditto...I was away for the weekend...when I tried it this morning it loaded but wouldn't let me in!

SOOOOOOOOO...I thought it was something I'd done and took the time to run some ad-aware and spybot!

Good Thing :thup:

Glad where Back


Thanks for getting us all back on here again.
I was beginning to have forum withdrawal symptoms!

I have no doubt people were working on it yesterday. But with the problem arising on a Sunday, I imagine some people, from staff and suppliers, were indeed off for the weekend or on vacation. It's the summer, I hope they were. Doesn't bother me a bit that the forums were offline for a while. Big deal. There are other things to occupy one on a summer afternoon.

thing is, if any other major league's site went down early sunday morn, you can be it would be fixed in just a few hrs. I get tired of things to do with CFL being two bit and second rate pathetic in comparison to the rest.

Perhaps the average CFL fan has more life-balance and finds other things to do when the chat room goes down for awhile. I enjoy this site, but worry about those who suffered withdrawl these past thirty hours.

I agree that the downtime for the forum should be viewed as a minor inconvenience at worst.

However, the downtime sends the message that the CFL and the Tiger-Cats don't take their online presence seriously, which I believe happens to be true. Cue the debate re: whether that's a good thing or a bad thing.

thats not what its about. It about incompetance and league image.

As soon as I saw the problem early yesterday, I expected it wouldnt be resolved til sometime today, and I did so, only because it was this site. On any other site, I expect it to only take a few hrs, and thats all it usually takes. Once again it tells any casual observer that CFL is bush, as far as how it, and anything official to do with it, is run.

FYB, I have to say I think that's a bit of an overreaction. But if you really feel that way, why do you come here or follow the CFL at all? Surely you wouldn't want to be associated with something you consider to be bush, incompetent, two-bit and second-rate.

Do you people ever stop complaining?? Waa waa.

I work for one of the biggest companies in the world and (believe me) we are taken very seriously. I am working on a system that has had a technical glitch for the last SEVEN MONTHS. And people have been diligently working on it the entire time. For over a month I was almost completely unable to do my job because of hardware issues. Sometimes things that you might think are an easy fix just aren't.

Thanks for the update and I'm glad to see things are back up and running.

I'd just like to add / reply - we were working on it all day Sunday - but I'd just like to point out that sometimes acquiring hardware on a Sunday can be quite difficult.

Regardless - the CFL and all of the member clubs take their online presence very seriously. And I'm not sure if you noticed, but there is more to the site than the forums, and also not sure if you noticed, but the sites themselves were still up. So really, if you're going to complain, at least get your facts straight.

So when RIM gets the odd bug and takes an extended period of time to correct they are incompetent?

You're close to six thousand posts on a website you consider bush league?

I'm quite impressed with the internet image the league presents. To enhance it would cost money; it's a gate driven league. Are you willing to pay more for your seat to have a few hours shaved off server recovery time?

Seriously, there are more important things in life to get upset about.

:o You really need to get a life if you or anyone is having withdrawals because they couldn't log into The Ticat.ca Forum...............PLEASE :roll:

wow... so you're an IT expert??? I suppose you know the details of the failure? When was it was reported. At the time of the failure?? An hour after the fact? 10 hours?? (Most servers run lights out and unmonitored, especially non-critical devices. And this certainly qualifies as non-critical.) How long did the diagnosis take? Did it need parts? Were parts available on a Sunday or did they have to wait until Monday. Let me know.... I'd be curious to know.

What makes me laugh is that this nice apology thread was created and an explanation was given (when one wasn't even really required) and people use this as a soapbox to complain about the CFL's onlne presence and image. Grow up people. Computers/The Internet are great when they work, but they don't always work.