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...Doug Brown's current article

[url=http://www.winnipegfreepress.com/sports/football/bombers/do-we-blame-the-players-or-planners--its-a-moot-point-60187042.html?viewAllComments=y]http://www.winnipegfreepress.com/sports ... Comments=y[/url]

Some sense among the craziness?

I noticed Doug Brown made various comments about previous coaches. He said that Doug Berry was arrogant. Spoke about Jim Daly’s days. However he said nothing about Kelly. I am sure that both Bauer and Kelly will present Brown with a Blue Bomber key chain for his eloquent piece of trash.

You really missed the point of the article didn’t you?

About how pros shut up and do what they’re told to (and being paid to) do…

He did not shutup. He is airing dirty laundry about previous coaches. As a player I would be careful. You never know who your next boss will be.

Jeez man did you even read the article? He said basically that as a player you must always act professionally whether you agree with a coaches scheme or not. In the end you may even learn something.

No! He is explaining that every single coach has a method and it is the players job to "BUY INTO THAT METHOD AND LEARN IT" or be out of work! He even goes on to say that learning each method helped him improve - EVERY TIME!

He is not dissing the old boss', he is acknowledging that they are RIGHT!

Did you miss the paragraph about how the only time the players called the shots they ended up with the worse defence in the record books?

(Edit: Sorry Big Blue - I was writing the above and you beat me to essentialy the same thing)

no problem budeborton - you did a better job of summarizing the article than I did!

Great read. I don't know if his intended audience was the fans , the players or the management , maybe it was all of them.

I think all HfxTC. In true Doug Brown fashion I think he's just trying to keep this boat afloat. Not an easy task ...

…and as for housedogs take…he WILL NEVER see a positve in anything the BlueBombers organization does at this present time…He;s totally against Asper taking over…tells me he is not interested in the future of this team as well…Seems to me there dawg…this current mess is happening all under the umbrella of ‘public ownership’…hmmmm I’d like to see Asper take the reins tomorrow…but i guess we will have to be patient…and oh yeah positive… :wink: :lol: