Apolgy to Saskargo

No one will ever acuse me of using my brain every time I post. Got carried away with a post written to you and then after re-reading decided that I was wrong. Guess I should edit a little more before posting and follow my own advice.


Very classy move, supertoe.

Very classy!!Supertoe.

I thrid that.

I fourth that.
Hellothere I was kidding!!!

I fourth or fifth that. I'M CONFUSED!

LMFAO!!!! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: 8)


I've lost my mind haven't I? :smiley:

Ever notice that my name comes up the most around here?

. . .there is a reason for that. . .you do have this ability to be quite the antagonist. . . :smiley:

Thank you!!!

I think almost everyone on this forum owes me one.O.K. all the riders do.All those bad things they say about moi.

Hey Saskargo, YOU ROCK! I'd like to be just as evil as you, but I'm too nice. 8)

I'm not evil.I just say the truth.

you know what I mean, evil is good! 8)

I can get along with anyone.Just don't P I me off!!
Kanga you are O.K.

Thank you

BTW, the Riders suck! and will in my eyes countiue to do so untill a new CFL team is in Saskatoon (I love to say that!), thoug I'm content with the Fact that both Regina and Saskatoon have CJFL teams,and even after a second Saskatchewan CFL team, they are still my rivals, and must be beaten in every game! peroid, end of sentence. :mrblueandgold: Suckatchewan Roughriders! :lol:

I thin you should all get a room.

Well said from our friend from down under!

OOH! I like that one, RW2005!, but I'd like it with another aussie flag.

I don't think he'd be able to get a grapic of the Foster's logo without having to pay a licencing fee first.