Apocalypse Now and the Hangings Will Continue

As a great fan of the Eskimo's and a tepid fan of the Elks, it was with great interest that I have been reading all the different postings. Not much sympathy of course for the Riders, and very little empathy which I am sure is reciprocated.
We, of course, are in the midst of setting a losing record that in all likelihood will never be broken. Feel free to send all your whiz-bangs and arrows my way. I have a thick skin
Sure does look like your team is a disaster waiting to get on the field. At least you got rid of Maas, who having gone to join MaChokeAh in Montreal, guarantees that team will have a losing season.
So if I have understood the facts hidden under all the vitriolic, you have no quarterback, no running backs, receivers with cement hands, an offensive line that has mastered the "Lookout Block, a defensive line that does not like to get hit, and a defensive secondary that is a disaster. Let us not talk about the special teams.
Oh...and the management is just a disaster. Worse then a disaster - downright incompetent
From contender to has been in less then 6 years. I am impressed.
The worst thing is there is no good quarterbacks available to replace Cody the whiner for a few years. And obviously the coaching staff is not going to be replaced, so life does not look good.
So, thanks to all the above, I foresee Edmonton beating you 3 times this year. Perhaps, except for Montreal, the only team we will beat.
Will be interesting to see all those empty seats in The Flagship Franchise of the CFL

hey now, no religion or politics ehh :slight_smile:

so is this a weak attempt at trolling the riders forum?


Edmonton will be fsr far better than your prediction. Riders possibly worse

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Yep, hopefully Riders will be on the receiving end of the revenue share, to help prop up the weaker markets.

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i really don’t get the purpose of this post other than to poke at Rider fans. i mean, if you think empty seats in any teams’ stadium is at all a good thing for the CFL and it’s survival, you need to rethink your reasoning. so i’m closing it, unless someone can convince me otherwise.