Well surprise surprise, Bruce now wants to return to the Argos.
But, will they take him back.
I wouldn't.

[url=http://www.theglobeandmail.com/sports/football/bruce-to-return-to-argos/article1231830/]http://www.theglobeandmail.com/sports/f ... le1231830/[/url]

...probably left his favourite deodorant in his locker...

They don't have a whole lot of other options at receiver, wouldn't surprise me if he stayed now.

He probably just realized that if he allows the Argos to release him, no other team will pick him up.

Yup, I'd say that could very well be the case.

No, under contract if he wants to get paid, he has to attend practices and play games or he doesn't get paid. Until the Argo's tell him otherwise, which they very well might, he won't be a Ticat just yet, but I wouldn't expect him to stay with the Argo's long, I assume Andrus is a man of his word.

Yes, but Andrus hasn't said he was getting rid of him. All he did was suspend him for not behaving like a professional. Then the Argos gave him and his agent permission to talk with other teams about a possible trade.

We had reason to assume he was getting dumped. But we were never TOLD he was getting dumped.

I'm glad. Let him stay in Toronto and be a distraction there. I don't want him to be a part of my team, and I would never accept him as a Tiger-Cat.

I would welcome him with open arms, we still need to improve or we could be in for another loonngggg ride to the bottom.Idiot or not, talent is necessary and he's got lot's of it. Too bad he's going to stay with the Argo's now, our receiving core would've been beast with Bruce in the lineup. In fact, I think Andrus realized that if we got Bruce we'd be a top team in the CFL. Can't have that in your own division. Talk is though he may try to work something out with Calgary, so maybe we can swing a 3-way deal with them.

I hope not. :thdn:

At least no where close to his current salary.

...IF the argos keep him ,this team will will have a split in the locker-room so wide, you'd be able to drive a semi through...The coach will be a laughing stock...Kelly in the Peg would be glad to know there is another coach having his credibility challenged... and after what Bruce had to say about Joseph...i can't imagine Kerry wanting to throw him another ball...But hey....if the argos want him back....go for it....The sound you'll hear out of the big smoke will be the boatmen heading for the bottom...glug glug glug... :lol:

...after saying he would be with his team today Bruce was a no-show to the Argo team meeting this morning and the practice afterwards and nobody has heard from him...

I think that's pretty accurate. . . If the Bombers can somehow get that offence in gear to go with that strong defence, Toronto may very finish last in the east this year.

i still really like winnipeg

I thought you were joking at first, but no, the article is up on TSN. Apparently the Argos told him to lay low because they want to work out a trade. I don't think it'll matter how low he lays, the damage has already be done. What team would be dumb enough to trade for him?


They are asking him to lay low because they can't prevent him from coming to work. So Rita is playing both sides to prevent a "legal" situation. CFL teams have no ability to suspend a player only the league and even that is very, very limited as we saw last year, so if Bruce was to walk on to the field and the Argos removed him by force in front of the press (snapping pics) that would in all likelyhood void the contract and Bruce could sue to have his contract paid to him IMO.

Rita will have to take whatever he can get by the end of the week which is better than nothing by releasing him.

....here we go again....WHY would any team offer up anything worthwhile.. when everyone knows he's going to be released....same as Armstrong in the Peg.... Argos aren't going to accept 'just any player' to languish on their roster...where's the advantage to that...I think there's a big stumbling block of a 190k salary...Nobody wants to pick that up...I think he'll be released and Bruce will have to renegotiate with another team...Unless obie gives up some prime-time player off of his roster...which according to todays reports.'he ain't willing' to do...Arland will end-up just like Armstrong....trying to sign with anyone... :wink:

Well if your looking at him purely as a rental, since his salary is 75% paid for this year and you have little room on your payroll but have a lot of depth or even neg list that Toronto finds attractive, it could fit some teams. But as a rental you are probably not interested in giving up a starter in your ball club, that seems to be the itch...

Looks like Rita went around once and got a lay of the land, now he will go one more round based on any interest if any and take the best offer off of a bad pile and possibly thin pile.

...Hufnagel made it clear to the press here this morning he has absolutely no interest in Bruce even with Rambo on the IRL, he'll hang his hat on the guys we have and bring back a fellow who's name escapes me that was the final receiver cut from TC...

...papa, I wouldn't be surprized to see him in blue and gold, or black and yellow before the end of this week...and why trade now before he gets cut?...well, if interest is there from Winnipeg and Hamilton (according to Stephen Brunt and Scott Taylor there is interest) then you could pretty much offer Rita anything right now and he'd probably bite but more importantly you bar the other team from getting into a negotiating war with Bruce after he is released...

Just heard on Sportsnet he's basically done with the Argos, his locker is cleaned out, that's what they said.