Apathy Problem On Horizon? Few Posting After Game

I may be wrong but I don't believe so. After the last several games there were torrents of posts from people who were upset... and 3-5 pages of threads by the next day.

There are fewer posts, and fewer threads, this morning.

If this were a mine, the canary might be ready to keel over

Bobs worst nightmare.
They say the marriage is over when one stops arguing back.That spouse just doesn't care anymore.

I see the same thing happening here.

No argument here.

It might have to do with the game being on a week night and people having to work today. The games you mention with pages of posts were usually saturdays when everyone stays up late that night then has the whole next day to post again.

Whats to discuss....stay away from typing when you're fed up , you only make an ass of yourself.

if the players don't care....
why should we waist our time...(like I just did!)

The players do care but are frustrated, especially with our lack of being able to put points on the board. If I was a player, I would be frustrated at the inept offensive points production also.

There's not much left to say. We all had high expectations this year and the reality has been a nightmare. The season is a write-off, so they only thing left to do is hope better times are a coming...soon.

don,t have to post just read old posts
same poop different game.

I don’t care anymore. I’m wearing my Cleveland Browns jersey to the rest of the home games. It’s bad when the best part about the games is the tailgate party. That’s the only reason I will keep coming to the games. We may even bring a TV to watch the beginning of the game from the parking lot and if it is close then we’ll come in, if not then we’ll go home.

Oh and I'm not cheering good or bad unless we score a TD!

The best part of each game is the anticipation - the anticipation now is not whether we will win or lose but if we can score a td. I have to be there to witness this ever-becoming rarity at Ivor Wynne. :slight_smile:

I think a lot of people are taking this approach. The crowd was pretty quiet yesterday, even when we were still in it. Maybe we were all just stunned at how pathetic this group of players is (notice I didn’t refer to them as a team?).

For me, it's just a situation of diminishing returns. It's the same old record playing here, week after week.

The lack of civility involving some around here doesn't help, frankly. I'm not interested in reading trollfeed every day. It does not bring out the best in me, I must admit.

I'll be picking my spots as to when I contribute here. Having to read two-line inanities in response to one's thoughtful half-page or more posts adds to the "whatever" quotient.

I believe things will turn around for this franchise, but it won't be readily apparent until the offseason. That might coincide with me participating here more.

Perhaps by then we will have mods who have a consistent clue about keeping on top of the personal attacks thread by thread, but I digress.

Oski Wee Wee,

would you like to comment on Maas's performance yesterday?

The website was amazingly slow for me last night.... that's why I posted once the whole night.

It's about time apathy kicked in around here.

It still bugs me to here players saying we have talent. What else does this team have to do to prove them wrong? Lose a game by 100 points?

Apathy Problem On Horizon? Few Posting After Game <<< thread title :wink:

Be back later in the week...

Oski Wee Wee,

Simple reason i slowed posting, as has many others, i'm just getting tired of reading the same old 'cut maas, fire this guy, fire that guy, i'm not renewing blah blah blah'.

broken record. nothing new here, and nobody seems interested in actually discussing anything

What the hell else is there to say? I don't think I'm apathetic, but really,,,what could be said that hasn't been said in previous weeks?

Offense sukked royally...as per usual.
Didn't expect much more, actually.