anywhere to watch a past game

I noticed my dvr didn’t record the game on Thursday. I must have buggered up the settings.

Is there any way to watch a past game? I checked around the TSN site but didn’t see anything.

I know TSN2 reruns one of the week’s CFL games on Tuesday at 7 p.m. But, there’s only a 1 in 4 chance of seeing it then.

The TSN site has games on demand. You just need to be a Canadian cable subscriber. They show up the next day.

which I am.

I'll look closer.


I hate TSN's site.

All I can find are short videos.

"IF" they have the ability to show past games, why isn't it easier to find?

edit #2: So I googled tsn on demand cfl and think I found the link. Couldn't find it through the TSN site though.

For future, click on the Video link on the menu bar, then on Games On Demand link on the black menu bar on the Video page.

Or just use this link.TSN - Games on Demand

most appreciated Sir!

I found it tends to be the Toronto game, so quit using that one. Thanks for the tips about TSN On Demand.

It's been the cats on a few occasions so far this season. Usually close games.

Hammertown Proud you can watch the full game at this YouTube link.



thanks for that link.

good option for a cord cutter who doesn’t have access to TSN.

truly appreciate responses on this thread.