Anything short of a Grey Cup is a dissapointment...

The Lions are clearly the class of the league this season. No other team has dominated as much as the Leos have (even with Buck or Jarius at QB). Fellow Lions fans and CFL fans alike, would you say anything short of a Grey Cup victory would be a dissapointment for the Lions this season?

Personally, I would say so. Barring a disaster, the Lions will be hosting the West Final at home in front of 50,000+. Should the Lions win that game, we would have to play a team in the east. Lions vs Argos (2-0 reg season), Lions vs Als (2-0 reg season), Lions vs Bombers (1-0 so far). It's BC's time to shine this year when it counts the most. Lets reward the best fans in the CFL with a Grey Cup victory!

A bit premature do you not think. All it takes is one bad game in the final and well you might look foolish do you not think!

RLR - I like your enthusiasm but remember what happened in 2004 and 2005. I’m pretty excited about this year’s Lions. I seem to have more faith in this year’s team than the last couple but RW05 hit it on the head. One bad game, it could be all over.

Pray for the Stamps to Beat the Riders,cause the Riders Have your number!

Or 1 or 2 serious injuries (God forbid) can change the make up of the team. What if two of our defensive starters go down?

Good enthusiasm.
Keep cheerin,

But lots of football still left!

O man, i am sry for the good lions fans on here, getting a rp from people like RLR. everytime over time I check this site i see new posts like this one by RLR. I know as well as anyone that the lions are a good team, but so are the stamps and the riders. and both can easily take a game against the lions. Just stop writing these posts until the cup has been won weither or not it is the lions that hoist it.

I have to agree with RLR. All he said was should the Lions not win the Grey it would be a disapointement. Which is most definately true. However not winning the Grey Cup would be a disapointement for other teams too.

The 'Riders have our number, but we have the Stamps number, and the Stamps have the 'Riders' number.

so what is being said is if the Stamps meet the Riders in WSF then Stamps should win and then the Stamps will lose to Lions in WDF. Wish it were that easy.

Breaking news;

Any team that doesnt win the cup this year will be disappointed.

Have some confidence, LB. When was the last time the Stamps won in BC Place? 2002? At home, we can beat them. It's the 'Riders that are a constant worry to me, not the Stamps.

I hope your team feels the same.

Loved Simons comments about Copeland
missing and Lewis not scaring anyone.


I know it's not even playoff time yet, but all I am saying is that I think anything but a Grey Cup for these Lions would be a dissapointment. Yes, technically every team would be dissapointed with not winning the Grey Cup, but certain teams have realistic goals (such as the Riders hosting a home playoff game). Give me a break guys.

but all I am saying is that I think anything but a Grey Cup for these Stamps
would be a dissapointment.

Well they better hope they dont play the Riders in the final, because they have lost to them 3 out of 4 times this season. I hope the team isnt as arrogant as you seem to be, or the Lions will be watching the GC game instead of playing in it.

As of now it is safe to say that BC would have the best shot at winning the GC. But... a lot can change over nearly 2 months, look at BC starting 12-0 last year and then falling into a major slump.

I agree! If I recall the Stamps going in to the semi final with your Eskimos were very hot and then laid an egg on the field. These things can happen and then you have to look at Wally screwing up on a call in a big game, Happened many times in the 90’s. And after the rider game it seems he has not lost his touch!

Right now the Lions are the best team and hands down favourites to win the GC.

The Lions this year are eons better than last year. Look no further than our D, where we are ranked #1 in almost every category. No disrespect to the other CFL teams though. I like pretty much every team, and want to see every organization successful. I hope playoff attendance is high all around the league. Lions fans, do you think we have a shot at having over 50,000 for the West Final?

Not worried about the Lions facing the Riders. Those games they lost were all very close and could have gone the other way too. The first game vs the Riders was a total blowout for the Lions. The last game stupid coaching cost the Lions the game , with a concussed DD playing almost the whole game when he shouldn't have played at all. Pierce easily drove for the game tying TD once he got the chance and showed that the Lions could play a whole lot better than they had up to that point.
Just because dumb things were done by Wally in that game doesn't mean he'll do it again.