Anything new yet????

I know i keep asking but has anyone heard anything yet about the Reaper???? IS he gonna retire?????

Know anyone at Sasktel? I'd think his boss would have some idea. I want all of our current linebackers. Who do you propose we release to bring him back?

Hmmmm good point, i just would really like to see him back in the green and white

[url=] ... story.html[/url]
Although Hunt was earning an estimated $120,000, he denied money was at the root of the team's decision. And he doesn't believe age determined his fate.

"I know I should be playing," Hunt said. "I belong on the field."

If we wanted a $120k MLB, we'd have Lloyd out there.

didnt we offer lloyd something like that or am i crazy?

Not crazy. Didn't the Riders offer him 130 or 135. I thought that's what I read. Edmonton gave Lloyd 150 or more unless I'm mistaken. Does anyone remember how much it was?