Anything new with the Lions?

So here we are in March and I have not heard anything about the Lions in awhile. The last thing I have heard is that we signed Paul M. Has anything else happened with the Lions that I have not heard about yet? Any trade rumours or free agents that they are interested in signing? or close to signing? I Want News People!

Your team has been almost as quiet as Saskatchewan.......not a particularly good sign, IMHO. I'm thinking BC for third this year, behind Edmonton and Calgary, but if DD goes down early for an extended time (a distinct possibility with that sieve of an offensive line), then Winnipeg might take third.

lets hope not


Thanks I just read that!!!!

We also signed two linemen that have a total of 6 NFL game experience between them.....I think they need more, but then again Wally has a knack for finding Diamonds in the rough.....

I think we still need a Linebacker too!