Anything Better Than A Grey Cup In The Snow - Toronto / Calgary

Anything Better Than A Grey Cup In The Snow - Toronto / Calgary

Yep but sadly someone high up wants it changed to leaf colour changing time in October .

Have to admit snow for a Grey Cup adds to the lore of iconism for the Grey Cup played in mud, fog you name ice cold, perfect indoor conditions, ice on the field etc.

It is kinda cool no question, it's Canada. Now if some corporation wants to pay for my ticket, I'll attend if the weather is cold or crappy. And buy your coffee, subs, pizza, drinks, whatever afterwards. :wink:

Ok, out of here, time to watch the 105th Grey Cup!

It is "cool" - no pun intended. It just feels so much like Canada.

It willalso help the TV ratings.

Today's weather for the Grey Cup is the absolute nightmare for the Super Bowl and NFL. But in Canada we know that is just part of what it means to be Canadian, it ain't always nice here at this time of the year for an outdoor event.

We could go back to rotating it between BC Place and Skydome and shut out the rest of the country. The NFL is able to move it around and keep it in the sunny south. We can't, but I don't think we want to.

I feel for the colour party on the field. Our dress uniforms are not that warm and the gloves they wear are ceremonial NOT warm. Plus they are not allowed to move during the whole thing. Drill in a snowstorm sucks. Been there on too many Remembrance Days.