Anyone with me?

Bob Can't make money in Current location City hall wants the new Stadium
I support Staying In Hamilton if in the East End of City like confrontation Park Close to a Hwy
So Bob Can make his Bucks back.
If not There Still The Hamilton tigercats in Burlington no matter what you all Think

The Bills play in Orchard Park NY Not downtown Buffalo
The Jets and Giants don't play in the State there named after
They Call New Jersey Home
Dallas Plays in Arlington TX not Downtown Dallas.
There still the Dallas Cowboys

You Point is Moot.
Cry me we River of Nonsense please

Just curious Onknight why would you cheer for a team that you hate the city so much. Toronto is a nice town go and cheer for the Argos :roll:

Lets have a naming contest, my suggestion is: The Burlington Burger Kings. :cowboy:

Well when I was Kid The 1st Football Game I went to was in Hamilton
The 1st Player I met was a Tigercat
That's why Had it been an Argo I maybe be Argo Fan now.

I liked The City of Hamilton at 1 Time
That all Changed a few Years ago when I was Pistol Whipped Downtown.
There was not cop to be seen as I Laid on a Sidewalk Bleeding.
But that is nothing to the Corruption I see via CH and News Papers
Also When Walk downtown I see people in bad Shape
cause there no money ....

Hamilton has become a Depressing Slum not cause of people who live there.
because government Mismanagement and Betrayal
By All Levels of Goverment not just local.

Thank you Onknight, I agree 100% with you. Some folks on this board expect an owner, who has lost money since SAVING this team, to continue to lose money in a new stadium location that he feels will not work and continue to lose him money. Then they get mad at him because he can't get with the vision (downtown revitalization vision which is doomed to failure anyway) and won't jump on board in a new stadium where he will continue to lose money.

Save the Hamilton Tiger-Cats, if that means building the stadium in Aldershot then so be it. I get the feelings that Mayor Fred is a closet Argos fan anyway.

I also don't know why he is so certain that this team is going to Burlington and will make money there. Other then Bob can't make money in Hamilton. Bob is giving 10million where is the next 140million or so coming from. I'm sure 1 phone call Burlington will be all over it without a sound plan in place and lets be real here I can't see them coughing up much more then 20 million. After all Burlingtons population is 150k and a lower tax then Hamilton. Where is the money coming from. Maybe onknight can fund the stadium since he is so sure its a great investment. Onknight your willing to back a stadium that has no studies to prove it can be profitable. There is no studies showing how many fans will follow outside a few on this board. There is no studies on the cost of this land road exspansion etc etc. How the revenue will be divided. What plans there is outside of 10 games a year. I'm sure Burlington would want some sort of plan in place before it coughs up cash. Who says Burlington may have the same vision even where Bob wants it. I've studied business in school and can tell you leaving Hamilton will be the biggest mistake he could make. What Bob needs to do is sit down make a plan and find private investors and come up with a stadium in Hamilton on his own.

Anyone who would abandon the team if they played in Aldershot isn't a true fan. What about Waterdown? That's part of Hamilton, right?

The could be what he dose. Adawg
If that what bob Feels will make him Money I support it.
if it moving to Burington I support him.
If he moves to Timbuck too I support Him.
I am Ticats Fan If there the Halifax Tigercats I support him.

I just don't Feel The Current Hamilton City Hall will give him a Fair Shake If Pan am Falls Threw.
He may have wait till after Elections in Fall to build a Stadium on his own
I don't trust this city Counsel to do what best for the TIgercats and there Fans

Yes in fact there is a Hamilton Bus That uses Aldershot Go Station

[url=] ... oute18.pdf[/url]

We are Connected .

Maybe because some fans feel a connection with the city the team represents and moving them even though its down the road they lose that connection. They have pride in cheering for their hometown team and move makes them feel like it is no longer their team, but its another communities team. People have civic pride for the city they live in and the teams they cheer for. You think Jets fans and Nordiques fans are big fans of the Yotes and Av's. Once the connection between team and community is gone some people feel that its no longer a priority to them.

The Jets move has Similarity to The One Hamilton is Facing now

After the 1983 season, the Jets' lease with the city for the use of Shea Stadium expired, and the Jets would have needed to cut a new deal to remain at the stadium. Due to the complexity of switching Shea from baseball to football configuration, the Jets had faced onerous lease terms at the stadium until 1978 when they weren't able to play home games until the Mets completed their season. Often the Mets' status as the stadium's primary tenant would necessitate that the Jets go on long road trips early in the season.
Giants Stadium was home to the Jets from 1984 to 2009.

The Jets failed to reach an agreement with the City of New York about improvements to Shea Stadium, and instead reached an agreement with the New Jersey Sports and Exhibition Authority to play their home games at Giants Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey beginning in 1984. The Jets played their last game at Shea in 1983, a 34–7 loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers. The Jets first game at Giants Stadium in 1984 was a loss to the Steelers as well, 23-17.

Despite the move to Giants Stadium, the Jets organization made the decision to remain the "New York" Jets, mirroring the decision made by the Giants in 1976 when they moved, thus staking a claim to fans throughout the Metropolitan New York Tri-State area. Furthermore, despite being in a different state, the Jets' new home was closer to Times Square and midtown Manhattan than Shea Stadium was, as the crow flies across the Hudson River; although considerably farther from the team's Long Island fans and Hofstra University offices and training facilities. In their first season at their new home, veteran quarterback Pat Ryan would start, 1983 first round draft pick Ken O'Brien, chosen over Dan Marino, would eventually take over at quarterback; but the team stumbled to a 7–9 record.


Technically, yes, but I wonder what you'll get for answer if you ask a typical Waterdowner? If my memory serves me correctly, they (along with other Flamboronians) were the most vocal opponents of amalgamation, and it seemed to me that the Free Flamborough campaign lasted quite a bit longer than other post-amalgamation independence movements.

Well what about Waterdown Then we be still not be a Fan then?
I be fine with Waterdown as The Home.

Their just becoming another business or company that whats to leave Hamilton. Try Ottawa their looking for a team and I can think of a really good name for them.

If they are drawing over 23000 average , they should break even. Whats up with 7million in the red??? As stated the team has over 100 years of history . Its the loyal fans who are gonna get shafted if the team moves. what kind of a business plan is that? :roll:

So...if the new stadium is at Clappison's Corners you are tossing in your tickets?

Do you think IWS is filled with Hamiltonians for every TiCats game?

Your NHL references are really weak. Those team moved hundreds of miles away. Not just up Hwy 6.

What does it matter if all TiCats fans show up to the new stadium at Clappison’s Corners or Aldershot?

Red Herring.

Red Herring for an argument I wasn't trying to make. Don't really know what argument I was trying to make.

I'd rather see the team stay in Hamilton, but if the survival of the team is actually at stake, then a Burlington location is the next best thing and I'm open to that. Then again I was a resident of Burlington for the first 7 days of my life, so I might be considered an "outsider" to Hamilton. Despite the fact that Burlington is usually considered GTA, it is part of the Hamilton Census Metropolitan Area, many people holding important positions in Hamilton live in Burlington (such as the president of Mohawk College), there is a fair number of Hamilton-Burlington organizations (such as the real-estate board, ymca, spca, rbg), and Burlington now has a Mac campus, etc. etc. So Burlington is a pretty integral part of the Hamilton area. I think it would hurt for the city of Hamilton to lose the team, but if it does leave, I would hope that the new home is in Burlington.

I also think that drawing from nearby cities, such as Burlington, Guelph, Kitchener-Waterloo, Cambridge, etc. is essential for the long term financial stability of the team. It would be hypocritical to expect people from those cities to support the Tiger-Cats now if I vowed I wouldn't support them in the (hopefully unlikely) event that they leave.

Are there any sites in Waterdown, or Flamborough in general, that are preferable to the ones proposed in old-Hamilton? Clappison's corners gives you highway visibility from Highways 5 and 6. Is that enough? What about ease of access? I guess that would make it easier for people from Guelph, K-W, Cambridge, etc. to get their. Does the NEC have any influence there? Is the Greenbelt legislation relevant? Would the people of Flamborough want it there or anywhere else in Flamborough? Or is there still enough resentment over amalgamation that they would tell the city to "keep your damned stadium" or something like that? If they would want it, the location could satisfy the "community building" requirement for the Future Fund, albeit in a different way from the hoped-for spin-off effects to downtown revitalization, since it could bring an important facility and historic institution to their neighbourhood. Who knows? I don't.

You see them as seperate. I do not. I believe that its strong ties to this community are part and parcel of it's existence. You dont. I get that. I have a loyalty to this community, not its politicians and business owners. I go to downtown Hamilton restaurants because those business support my community.

It is not about a mayor; nor is it about an owner ( caretaker, remember that term) It is not about a football team. Football teams are found in many places. This is about community. Our community. Not someone else's.

Since 1869, mayors and owners have come and gone. Teams have been born and merged.

This is all about Hamilton football, an institution since 1869.

Wonder what Mark Cohon and the league think about that justy when they expect to have a 9 team league again.