Anyone win the Pokerstars hand from Saturdays game in Regin?

Sorry if its an odd question.

I think i have a royal flush. Im holding Kh 10h.

Did they have a hand to beat? (shouldnt matter i have a royal flush)
However i go into pokerstars, and enter the code on the bottom of my card and try to register for the tournament and it says wrong password.

Am i missing something!?

They showed a hand on the scoreboard that you had to beat, I don't seem to recall ever getting a card to begin with so im as lost as you.

I dunno man...
My friend had A-A giving him a fullhouse Aces over Queens or something lol...

Good Luck :slight_smile:

awww man! it starts in 28 minutes and the prize pool is 7000!
Yeah the girl gave my sister 3 cards, i shoulda grabbed more i didnt know what it was at first.

Aces over queens, that would mean there was 2 queens in the community cards… hmm.

We got 4 cards they were all 4 king ten and the password worked for all 4 of us. There was 160 people in the tourney and 3th to 128th place paid $40 to 3 got entry into $630 tourney with guaranteed payout of $630.