Anyone who wants to become a referee.

Understand this..............Baggs td was a mistake. You cant grab the db, just like he cant grab the receiver.

(in Suitors words it would be called twisting him)

Same with pushing off. (ie. Fantuz , same game)

Hmmm I am detecting a hint of jelousy.

I would try and shoot back with something Calgary might have got away with, but their offense didnt show up so there is really nothing to comment on.

I'd love to have a receiving corps that out weighs the db's like Saskatchewan has. ..
but rules are rules.

And lets face facts, it shouldnt have been a touchdown.

Or did you miss that tug and push. :roll: :roll:

those of you whose main interest seems to be in dissecting the refs callnon call on every play just cannot actually be enjoying the games. So why dont you take up tiddly winks instead.

I wish admin would make a separate forum for dissing the refs and keep all such poststopics out of the rest.

I like to at least pretend that each cfl game was a good thing.

Hear, hear. I'm all for your suggestion - best of both worlds: those who like to mire in minutia may do so and the rest of us can enjoy football.

As for the comment of the OP, I was at the game and I must say that from my angle in the stands I thought it was a push too, but from a different (I suggest, better) angle that was shown on the big screen immediately after the play, it was not a push at all from what I could tell. And even if it was, let the damn players play - it was marginal at best. Those who complain that there are too many penalties are often the first to then complain when one is not called that they think should have been called - that's schitzo.

As i said in Higgins has to go, overall refs are doing a good job.

ya know, this is a bunch of crap.

there have been a lot of touchdowns that could have been called back for Offensive PI.. and PI's that could have been not called that were.

this whole argument is just a load of hooey. simply because there is no set way to call Pass Interference!

it's like snowflakes, no two snow flakes are the same.

no two situations between a receiver and the DB covering him is the same and the question of whether or not it's PI has to be strictly based on the Referee at the time making the decision!

I'd like to see YOU or ANYONE go out there, be a referee and then see how easily you can decide if a play is Pass Interference or Not....

...piece of cake if you follow this simple rule: if the DB has anywhere on his uniform the colour Green/Blue/Orange or Yellow then it is pass interference....

it's not a black and white kinda call.

you can't just say.. "he has his hand on him, Pass Interference!"

doesn't work that easily.

there are numerous circumstances that you MUST take into account before you can just throw the flag.

I think we need an official whine about the refs thread so the rest of us who would rather watch football can avoid this baloney entirely.

I think that is a seconder to the previous motion.

And to go along with that, how about a thread for:

"If my team didn't play like crap they would have won despite the referee's mistakes"