Anyone watching the Buffalo Bills

sitting here watching the Bills play in a blizzard. Reminds me of the last Grey Cup in Hamilton. I was constantly standing up to clear the snow off my lap. What a hoot.


Its a beauty for sure.

That was crazy. Did remind me of that Grey Cup game. If anything it was even a bit snowier in Buffalo. Crazy thing that lake effect. If you look closely you can just make out one of the video boards near the top of this picture.

Great game to watch! And there were some that called our game ‘bush league’ that the Grey Cup was played in the snow.

Whiny babies? like to complain about everything. There were long runs (overtime touchdown) long passes and some pretty good punts. The only downer was that footing for field goals was atrocious. I’ll take cold and snow any day over cold and rain.
And it could have been a lot worse given this is Buffalo.
Players making snow much more Buffalo - ish. An it get?
I have not read of any complaints online on any NFL boards.

Not sure how much worse it could have been for snow? The hometown radio announcers were saying this was the most snow they could ever remember. It was pretty bad.
I was at a NFL Division final playoff game in 1991. The Jim Kelly era where it was frigged cold and The Raiders were the visitors. What a home town advantage that was for The Bills that day as they beat their California opponents 51-3. It was 41-3 in the first half.

Every NFL game should be played in these type of conditions! The way it was meant to be played. In the elements! Then having a better team than your opponent means exactly nothing, is over-rated! Anyone can win! The elements is the equalizer. Parity maker.

where is “My Home Team?? He/she most certainly would agree that all football should be played in these conditions.

Yep thatz what makes football in a blizzard so wonderful! You can have a dynasty type team come into town against a team with a deplorable record and itz anyone’s game!

I was at the 96 Grey Cup and yes there was lots of snow. We sat in our seasons tickets seats Box J row 13 seats 24 and 25. Late in the game with the Arblows moving east to west Doug Flutie fumbled and the play was called dead. The play was clearly a fumble. Just thought I would throw that out there.

I love this picture from the Bills game. The Colts defender almost disappears in the 8+ inches of snow that fell during the game.

The Bills were in year three of a four year stretch of Superbowl appearances... The only thing deplorable about their record at the time was their record in final games of the season...

The Raiders meanwhile, had a worse record than the Bills... (13-3 vs 12-4) and even that was sandwiched between two three year sandwich slices of mediocrity....

(while we're at it... wiki says it was cold ish, with some rain... the divisional game vs Miami was colder and snowier, and was 44-34 final... vaguely remember it... scoreboard makes it look pretty epic)