Anyone watching the Blue team v. The other Blue team?

oh my, this as been a very entertaing half

reason I made this is I feel bad for Chad Kackert, this guys a monster, to bad he has to play on the same team as Boyd

anyone else watching? anyone else impressed with somthing or other

I havnt been impressed with either team really, just certain players

Kackert though is fun to watch! (to bad he plays for the wrong team)

Great game. This is going to be a fun season.

I saw parts of it.

The QBs and coaches having microphones on them was interesting, though in the parts of the game that weren't as entertaining, I thought that this is what the XFL must have been like. :slight_smile:

Kackert did impress on that game winning TD, and maybe the blue team will not be in as serious trouble if Boyd gets injured again. They still could use a QB though.

And it was interesting to see the blue and gold team have a chance to make what would have literally been a last minute comeback. It was a big return, but Elliott couldn't quite get them there.

Watch parts of it was also Watching the NBA Draft and Raptor made a bad pick again at 5 FIGGERS

Any Team From Toronto SUCKS..

Very interesting game and loved the mics for sure. :thup: That Kotchert guy is good! Argos will be dangerous without a doubt.

Nice baving CFL preseason on, great job TSN. :thup:

It also meant a lot less of Rod Black talking which is always a good thing.

Remember the CBC strike a few years ago: they broadcast the games without any commentary. Television nirvana.

His voice is so annoying, especially when he yells "TOOOUCCCHDOWN". It's like nails on a chalkbaord, I cringe everytime.

I swear, him and Michael Landsburg have pictures of somebody really important in an awfully compromising picture.

Where is Steven Jyles, I thought he was traded to T.O.??


Still too much of him. :slight_smile:

And yes, CBC's commentary was even worse.

Still hasn't fully recovered from injuries from last year.

And stupid Milwaukee stole Jimmer from the Knicks (yeah, I'm dreaming, I know). And not any team, the Rock just won the NLL title. LOL

I saw that last two minutes of the game. Was the mic'd up stuff interesting? I thought I heard someone yell, "You don't say the n-word" or something to that effect. Was I hearing things or was that actually said?

Steven Jyles is still hurt/not ready to play-from last season- and will,most probably, be added to the Argos 9 game injury list,before 15 hours Saturday.


I thought it was interesting. Hearing the play calls, hearing the panel at halftime interpret what as being said. Hearing what was said in the hurry-up offence to end the first half. Hearing LaPolice tell Pierce that he was done for the night and that he did well. Hearing Barker tell QB Hall not to try anything spectacular, to use his strength, which is his ability to run with it, or something along those lines. Hearing Barker and LaPolice talk to each other at the end, with LaPolice telling Barker "See you in a few weeks." I liked it.

And at the end, I thought I heard LaPolice say something about not saying the n-word. It sounded like he was shouting at the player who just took an objectionable conduct penalty.

Cool. And thanks for confirming what I heard. It was literally the first thing I heard when I turned on the game. I hope they do this again next season during the preseason. Sounded like it was an interesting and a fun way to watch a game.

Lapo was yelling at Hefney for saying it

You missed a really good game and the mic thing brought an interesting element to the broadcast.