Anyone Watching the BC Edm game

Poor guy just got his leg snapped on a punt return in a meaningless game.
Man that sucks


Yes, I saw that. How sad.


I don't understand why Arbuckle is not playing. Are they trying to keep the mystery alive till next year.

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Both Elks QBs are terrible tonight - 3 INTs in the 1sf half alone.

Yup and Prukop hasn't even thrown a pass

Tough decision. Do we continue to watch this one-sided affair (and Nathan Rourke), or head to bed?

It's only 10pm here so I'll suffer thru

Oh Prukop almost had a pick too

If Elizondo gets fired then I don’t see Cornelius sticking around or having a chance to start next year. Guy seems to be regressing big time but Elizondo really seems high on him for whatever reason. He’s not ready to start.

Maybe they don’t want Arbuckle to crap out with a bad team - at least this way there’s some hope for the fans. Keep the mystery and promise alive.


It's the Lucky Whitehead show


Agree but this is embarrassing.

Is that a record? 34 points in 30 minutes?

Who says offense is declining in the CFL. Just need to make more teams play 3 games in 7 days.


He'd look good in black and gold. Could replace some of the speed we've lost recently

And to think WPG let him go because they didn't think he was a good enough receiver

Well, that's a bit better. But still a long way off.

Imagine if they did keep him? Bombers would not only win every game but nuke the opposition right out of the stadium.

They may not have been able to afford him they don't have TO's salary cap, but that would have been scary.


Nathan Rourke , from Oakville , is the real deal . He had a great career at Ohio U. and his brother is the Bobcat QB today .
Nathan had 359 yards in passing and 3 rushing TDs versus the Elks . The kid is a keeper. I recall a guy on this site pleading with the Cats to draft the young Cdn. QB .

Pat Lynch (Reilly may be on the move)

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Agree he stood in the pocket and made some very accurate throws. Plus he’s mobile and can run for first downs when he needs to but isn’t looking to run first. He’ll be one of those guys I cheer for every time he doesn’t play us.

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