Anyone watch Mark and Bubba tonight?

Mark Hebscher was pretty adamant with his choice of words to describe the CFL as a "bush league" and condescendingly referring it to an "8 team league" to back up his conspiracy that the CFL is dishonestly taking great lengths to get Toronto in the 100th grey cup. I think it's absolutely disgusting that we have these guys on our local sports show disrespecting OUR football league on the air. I mean come on, show some support for your country and even your city. Meanwhile these guys could spend half the show talking about the NFL. I'd at least like a little respect (or absence of disrespect) for the CFL from our local sports show, Sportsline (I think that's what it's called, who really cares).

I agree.

A local station should have individuals wanting to represent/promote a Canadian league which has a local team in it.

I realize that Mark and Bubba's comment may not reflect that of CHCH, but to the audience viewing they perceive as this.

Also Bubba is on Twitter, constantly bashing the CFL and replying to people with ridiculous tweets.
Immature as news personalities who are on local television.

I'm not saying these guys should be waving the CFL flag if they do not feel that way, but to completely bash and call 'bush league' is ridiculous.

Send an email to and see what they reply with.

Exactly how I’m thinking. I mean I understand if they don’t have as much to say about the CFL as they do about other leagues, it’s a small league, and even if they’re not a big fan of it, fine. Just don’t go bashing it and coming up with conspiracies which they have no clue about. Maybe mark’s comments werent ridiculously harsh, but it was the way he went about saying them, putting so much emphasis on how unimportant the league is. Regardless they need to show some respect especially in an area with lots of tiger-cat fans and fans of the CFL.

I refrain from listening to these two idiots babble about sports.

Mark Hebscher was pretty adamant with his choice of words to describe the CFL as a "bush league" and condescendingly referring it to an "8 team league" to back up his conspiracy that the CFL is dishonestly taking great lengths to get Toronto in the 100th grey cup.

That guy is about as bush as it comes, I can't watch the guy to be honest, I've tried a few times but no thanks. I guess the NHL was really bush when it was a 6 team league for years eh bushy Mark? Didn't he used to work for Global?

he still does

EDIT: Sorry I always think CHCH and Global are the same thing, he used to work for Global yes, now he is with CHCH

It's just a schtick. Pay no attention.

Those two make me sick. On the day of the Ricky Ray trade, Hebscher did a little preview of the upcoming Sportsline show. He mentioned that it was a busy day in sports and briefly described 3 of the topics that they would be covering on the show. Out of the 3 topics, NONE were about Ricky Ray. Those two jokers have always belittled the CFL and have virtually ignored it. That's why in my house when these clowns are on the air it's a race to see who can turn the TV off faster. :x

I’m a sportsnut but cannot stomach the show

I hope someone from CHCH is paying attention, it is not as if CHCH can afford to have viewers make a conscious effort to change stations when these two come on

People watch that channel?



I wonder if this is how Mark Hebscher got the job at CHCH:

CHCH pioneer Sam Hebscher dies at 92

Canadian television pioneer Sam Hebscher has died at the age of 92.
Hebscher's nephew, Mark Hebscher of CHCH News, says funeral services will be held today at 2 p.m. at United Hebrew Memorial
Chapel in West Hamilton. ... dies-at-92

June 3, 2010

RIP Sam.

He’s only repeating what many in Southern Ontario think - yes they are pushing Toronto despite the lack of interest in CFL football in the largest market in Canada. The CFL is popular OUTSIDE of Southern Ontario and healthy, but these guys are honest and the truth hurts sometimes. The fact is that the NFL is huge in Southern Ontario, that’s reality.
How can you not say there are problems in Toronto or in Hamilton where they can barely attract 20,000 fans and up to 20% of your tickets are giveaways.
I suppose that they could not mention the problems in the CFL with attendance and the huge drop in ratings this year etc but that would not be honest. I can just imagine CH removing him for criticizing the CFL that would be laughable or telling him that he can’t criticize the CFL.
The old saying “call em as you see em”

Ah, that explains it.

FYI: Michael Landsberg is married to a high level TSN executive (don’t remember the name).

CFL-bashers (see the post above) never cease to amaze me. If you don’t like the league go away. Why waste your time chirping about ‘eight team bush league’ or ‘NFL has more talented players’,etc, etc, etc. Sit on your Sunday couch and watch ‘your team’ all you want and leave those who care about the CFL alone.

As recently as 2005, the CFL was more popular in Ontario than the NFL. Given the location of Ontario's teams and the relatively small population of Northern Ontario, it's safe to assume that's true in Southern Ontario as well. So if the NFL is huge in Southern Ontario, then so is the CFL.

Admitting there are problems in Toronto or Hamilton is not the same thing as calling the CFL bush league based on invented conspiracies, nor is it the same as repeating the same old drivel you hear from typical NFL, non-CFL fans. They are not calling it as they see it. They're making it up as they go along.

My bad: Landsberg married the daughter of some high faluting executive.

This is a talk radio gimmick that's been used for years. You say things, that you may or may not believe yourself to be true, but will get the listening audience riled up and calling in. You would think that one of them might be somewhat supportive of the league so that a counter argument can be mounted.

I tried once to watch this show, but didn't find it that interesting and haven't seen it since. I love the CFL and don't really care what they and others like them think. There was a writer on the Toronto Sun staff that offered a similar sentiment:

[url=] ... mment-6751[/url]

Everyone is entitled to their opinion. Because they're professionals doesn't make them right, as much as they would like you to believe that.

mike, Raptors and TFC don't get the ratings that CFL games, even CFL games involving S Ont teams in most cases. Sure the NFL is more popular despite not having any teams in Canada, I get that. But a "major" league team like the Raptors should be drawing on average what CFL teams draw if they are so "huge" like NFL teams, eh. Oh and CFL sometimes beats NFL ratings as well from what I understand.

Truth hurts, eh? But you gotta call 'em like it is. :wink:

Actually I like that NFL ratings are huge here, it's football, but as for soccer and basketball, I don't care if they continue to stagnate below CFL ratings as is usually the case. How many give aways for the "huge" NFL regular season event-games at the RC? Look it up if you can. :wink:

The fact is....Toronto is just not a very good sports town, period.

They are Leaf fans, and that is about it. Look at the Blue Jays attendance? Do Mark and Bubbs talk about how bush league MLB is because Toronto doesn't care about it?

When does anyone ever talk about the Raptors? Very few people care.
The Bills have to give tickets away and paper attendance figures in Toronto.
The Marlies....again....nobody cares....

So, the Argos and the CFL have a long list of friends in terms of being ignored by the people of Toronto.

It's just a terrible sports town these days.

both useless 'sportcasters' and I use that term mildly
Especially bubba..he is pathetic!!

I guess Hebscher must also think Dave Naylor is "bush" for writing something that actually makes sense:

[i]It wasn't long after word of Monday's trade leaked that suggestions were being made that the move of Ricky Ray to Toronto was somehow engineered by the CFL league office to prop up the Argonauts for a season in which they are playing host to the 100th Grey Cup. It was noted that at November's Grey Cup, commissioner Mark Cohon had said that the Toronto market was the league's number-one concern and the league was contributing a $1 million marketing effort this season to raise the league's profile in its biggest market. Then within a month of that pronouncement, one of the league's biggest stars arrives Toronto in what some consider a lopsided trade.

That's interesting, but ridiculous.

For starters, in a league of competitive general managers, none is moreso than Tillman. The notion that he would agree to make a deal that he didn't believe was in the best interests of the Eskimos is preposterous. Like the rest of the league's GM's, Tillman would rather eat dirt that make a deal that benefited another team above his own.

And the suggestion that Tillman would never have traded Ray without being forced to do so by the league is shattered by the fact he very nearly dealt him to Hamilton a year ago.

Last winter, Tillman had a deal in place to ship Ray and his $515,000 per season contract to the Tiger-Cats, one that was held up because Hamilton first wanted Ray's contract to be restructured. Ray agreed to take pay cut of more than $100,000 per season. But upon re-doing the deal, Ray's agent, Ken Staninger, asked for assurance that Ray would not be immediately traded out of town. Tillman kept his word and the deal to Hamilton died.

The Tiger-Cats were again at the table this time around before Tillman pulled the trigger on the deal to Toronto, but offered a less appealing package built around the rights to former Sherbrooke University receiver Sam Giguere, who has spent three seasons in the NFL but remains an unsigned free agent.

So like almost all conspiracy theories in sports, the CFL-forced trading of Ricky Ray to Toronto is pure bunk.[/i]

Now let's talk about Gretzky going to LA way back... hmm... :wink: