Anyone want my Labor Day tickets ?

I don’t know what to say anymore :

Anyone want my Labor Day tickets ?

So this team gets outsmarted on both sides of the ball all the time .
I am also starting to see why Calgary gave up on Burris
We got beat in every aspect of the game .
Montreal was without Richardson and London ( most of the game ) and they still found Green open all the time .
None of our DB’s can cover , our pass rush is no-existant and our linebackers are always out of position and outsmarted…see Calvillos long runs and 17 yarder when it mattered most ….who does that fall on ? defensive co-ordinator
How do we not throw a challenge flag on that play …it was very obvious and was critical ….that drove me nuts .I could not sleep last night ….
Also , it looks like Giguerre is just going through the motions and it is not very useful out there …
We are not using Stala properly as he needs to be used for 10 yard curls over the middle etc
We are not using Fantuz enough as well .
Our run game is very poor and the offensive line does not provde and aggressive push
Simmons has sucked from day one and that play where Burris got sacked when we were close was Simmons man ..
C. Williams and Colburne where the only guys playing today from what I could see ..
Montreal did not play so well but we sucked .
With one minute or so left they just walked up the field with mostly Canadian receivers and no landon and richardosn ,
Not sure who was supposed to be guarding GREEN on their first TD I guess WEBB
Hinds also gets beat easily on jump balls
And tisdale has allowed to many guys to get behind him
It’s a mess..time to make changes
The WHOLE defence needs to be looked at …including linebackers
I find Williams is always out of place …it’s on him when calvillo romps fr 17 yards with a gapping middle field …if that was lulay he might have ran for 40…
Why do we play 2 canadain db’s when we do not have to ?

OBIE where are you ..bring in some Defence ? You have watched this team for 3 straight losses and 8 games ..
And please make sure you talk to CORTEZ ETC about those challenge flags

Make the changes required :

8) gerbear9, I agree with many of your comments, however it was not Brian Simmons that got beat on that play
   where Burris was sacked for a big loss.

   It was # 63,  Marc Dile  !!!

@ Gerbear.....Don't give away your tickets just'll feel better as the week progresses....guaranteed! :smiley:

Ha Ha Deerhunter :slight_smile: So true always takes me 24 hours to get over a ticats loss ..So , I am starting to feel better ...

It's just very troublesome when you them making the same obvious mistakes and nto doing anything about it .

For example :

Cotez not throwing the challenge flag twice now and counting
No pass rush ( They don't seem to be doing anything to fix it ) ( Jamal Johnson used to get at least 2 or 3 crack at the qb PER GAME JUST ASK BUCK PEARCE )
NO INTERCEPTION ( The db's are luck just to hold on )

gearbear: I'll take your tickets off your hands for 50 bucks. You can pay me in installments if you wish. :smiley:

When you feel like tossing in the towel with the Cats, always remember the poor Leaf fans who stick by their team without having won a Stanley Cup since 1967, and that team being the most valued hockey franchise in the world. Now that is frustration exemplified I say for any sports fan. :wink:

HA HA ROCKLY 123 ...It hasn't come to that yet :slight_smile: For some reason they play well against the ARGOS on labor day ad there is always about 5,000 drunk young 20 year olds at the game so it can be fun


You know that the Ticats are starting to challenge the Leafs for incompetence common person is PAL HAL ..HAROLD BALLARD :slight_smile:

I don't know if you have or not, but try being being a fan of both teams. It makes life quite frustrating and sometimes depressing I must say.

True enough gerbear, in an 8-9 team league, it's time to win a championship again me thinks. When was the last time? It has been a while.

I can appreciate how you must feel Allen without a doubt. :wink:

8) Only thing is that Pal Hal saved the TiCat franchise, and actually won us a Grey Cup !!!
   Who cares about the leafs anyway ??

Man did I ever get a laugh out of this.

So your team isn't winning every game and you want to give away your tickets?
It's all about entertainment and this team is entertaining. Our QB has thrown more TDs than any other QB in the league and he's close to the top in yardage. Williams is the leader in TDs and an exciting player to watch. They have lost 2 close games that were very "winnable" 3 - 5 and should be 5 - 3 the season not even half over.

And you want to walk away and not watch them? Who knows, they could finish the year at 15 - 5

:thdn: THANKS FOR READING Just have to get this off my chest Flag Cortez Chalenge Flag!!!!! :twisted: cortez 6000 yrds!!! back where he came from TODAY!!! HE robbed of us of two good wins Burns me!! NO No forgiveness NOOOOO Oh we will wait and see!!! Cmon Challenge the Burris fumble in the end zone it was obvious the ticats recoverd in end zone! IF any of us had screwed up so bad in the steel works we be dead or suspended OH YEAAA :thdn: ! HI Russ Wildcat Simmons here Wildcat in honor of my Dad Bill Simmons who played for the Wildcats :rockin: I bleed black and gold like my dad!!! FIRE that smug SOD coach send him south or back to calgary who he MUST obviously root for!!!! Why get rid of Lapolice Weird I was expecting georgy boy long gone and we get (stuck with Season Losing Georgy boy) :thdn: :rockin: LAPOLICE he was trying hard every game!!! :thup: this Coach is MAKING USELESS DECISIONS and CAN'T BE A TICAT fan Bye good riddence CYA:rockin: Burris can be good great talent in Offence BUT NO coaching THANKS FOR READING Just had to get this off my chest

Just thought id say Cause working in the steel Mills is very dangerous as we all know so we are in mission critcal accurate stance ready to act and careful and in the KNow which Cortez ain"t

Its the last labour day classic at Ivor Wynne, You should be going on that basis alone!! :cowboy:

For some reason reading this post gave me the creeps.

8) You mean you were even able to understand any of it, "meaker23" ??? :wink:
  He lost me after the first line !!!   <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->

HE ( Cortez) DIDNT THROW THE CHALLENGE FLAG IN TWO seperate GAMES easily costing us both games asI see it thats my premise still confused??? I'd like him fired!! HE deserves it he Knows the rules??? he is not really a rookie/novis =simple