Anyone want a paper bag...

It's time to bring out the paper bags and wear them on our heads to Als games. Absolutely horrible football! They can't score on 3 tries from the Bomber 2 yard line, then they let Winnipeg cross 109 yards and score!

The Als should be ashamed. They looked like a bunch of old women. They were embarrased on their own field!

Bellefeuille should BE FIRED. His stupid system of throwing 4 yard passes is making me sick. The goal is to score points, not eat up the damn clock with drives that last 15 minutes but don't result in points.

And I don't want to hear the groupies complain about all the injuries. Its a wimp's excuse!

I also am sick to death of this garbage offense! Every pass is the same 7 yard in, with no chance for any YAC. The running game is an absolute joke. Same play every stinking time- inside handoff right up the middle for two yards at best.

Not being able to score inside the 5 on 5 tries plus no 2pt convert....absolutely unacceptable. This offensive coordinator was garbage in Sask, and he's garbage here. Get rid of him!

I hated Bellefieulle when he was with the riders and i was furious when he was given the OC job here. He sucks at OC and hasnt changed anything from what he did in saskatchewan. His offenses NEVER stretch the field I saw a couple deep pass attempts but one was a prayer pass on an offside that wouldve come back no matter what. Thurmon, Watkins, Deslauriers and even Davis are capable of going deep but theres never any thought of those plays. The layered passing routes which got us countless 1000 yard receivers are gone and same with the crossing routes.

I agree. Aside from being useless its boring. I could have gone to the comedy fest for the money I wasted at Molson stadim tonite. But you have to consider something else. Can our offensive line give a QB enough time to throw the longball. And from what I've seen of AQC this year he can't throw a spiral 20m yards downfield. Tonite for maybe the eith time tis year he tried to hit a long pass to the left on a fly pattern. Out of 8 attempts this year, 8 wobbly passes, 6 almost intercepted, none close to receptions. Face it. This year is a write off. Time to clean house and get a new start so that next year won't also be a write off. New head coach, new Offensive coach, new QB. Do it now before we waste two years instead of one.

A.C. has nothing to be ashamed of tonight. He played a great game. The O-line let him down, and so did the pathetic excuse for a coaching staff.

For this to happen. Popp would have to admit his mistakes. The chance of that happening is?


I agree with you about AC but I think the O-line did OK tonight (losing Chiu really hurt though). He seemed to have a little more time and was able to take what the defence gave him (most of the time anyway).

I would rather Jim Popp concentrate on his GMs duties and hired someone else for the head coaching job (I'm sure Taffe would have come back to Montreal) like many others but I think people are being much too harsh with the Als. I would much rather have them struggle early and finish strong. Will that happen this year? Maybe it will and maybe it won't, but in the mean time, I'll be cheering my guys on and not boo everytime an incomplete pass is thrown or someone is tackled for a loss.

Go Als!

The O-line wasn't the problem tonight. A couple of the sacks on Cavillo could have been avoided if AC would throw the ball away instead of spinning around trying to elude guys. He was never that mobile and he's even less so now! The problem is that we have zero running game. What little we had with Ihmo disappeared when he got hurt. You cannot just hand the ball to Edwards and tell him to run the same play 10 times a game and expect results. They also need to find a way to hit a WR in full stride, instead of all these short passes with no yards after the catch.

A new Offensive Coordinator would help.

Stewie, where were you when they won against the Ti-Cats?

A Quarterback needs more than 0.2 seconds in the pocket. Anthony Calvillo played amazing. He didn't make one msistake. He threw the ball to the right guy, right where it needed to be.

The 0-Line was pathetic. It made me sick. Whenever Edwards got the ball, he ran straight into a wall. Imoh was lucky enough to shake off a few tackles. To pin Edwards' stats completely on him is complete BS. Have you heard Edwards is on thin ice right now?

Not only did the O-Line not able to get Edwards a push into the endzone on the Goaline, TWICE. They also took a stupid penalty on their first Goal line attempt, Procedure! How? You know the count! Not only that, the offense had a nice drive, good way to suck momentum out.

Holding is what we heard a lot, why? Because they are getting burned! Hey, for so many years the O-Line was our strength, every year, the Als are worried about the Defense, maybe they should remember that the Line is a TOUGH position, and the older you get, the weaker and slower you get.

For the AC bashers (I am one of them), leave the guy alone for a few days... He executed the game plan perfectly! He executed and did it well! He is not to blame for the procedure calls on the O line, he is not to blame for the running game, etc. It is not AC who failed to run the ball into the end zone (think Edwards, Brady and the O line).

Here are the problems; the O line cannot create holes for the running game, Robert Edwards fumbles WAY TOO much, he needs perfect blocking to run forward, and HE CANNOT, or WILL not block (look how easily Canada sidestepperd him on the 2 point conversion).

We need Seagraves at left tackle, Mudge should go back to right tackle. Edwards needs to be fired/cut (he had an awful game, he cost us the victory). Firing Edwards would also send a message to the team...

The Als could be 4 and 0, but someone has to step up. I also hate Bellefeuiile's cat like (I don't mean stealth wise or quick, I mean what we call a female cat, it stars with a P offense ...)
Stretch the field with more cross plays!!!

This bad start has not been the fault of Calvillo. A look at his stats shows hes done everything but throw the ball into the endzone successfully. Nor is it the receivers fault we have quality guys catching the ball Cahoon is having yet another excellent year, Watkins isnt dropping passes anymore, Thurmon is a big target and Calvillo will throw more to him as the season goes on and has so far been reliable and Davis really impressed me last night and may have played himself into a consistent roster spot.

The problem lies in the run and the offensive line. Edwards has been unimpressive in all aspects of the game this season but Im willing to give him another chance if we can make improvements on that dismal offensive line so that he can get a couple holes to work with but at this point Id feel comfortable giving Imoh the bulk of the reps

And above all else I want Bellfieulle as far away from the offense as possible

AC is getting far more than 0.2 seconds in the pocket. The O-line is having troubles, but they cannot hold off the rush forever as AC spins around, and tries to elude guys, instead of throwing the ball away! AC can't hit the deep ball for jack anymore, either, which is why the D is clamping down on the short 7 year passes and the useless running plays we call.

It would help if every running play Edwards makes, isn't the same play over and over. Why do you think D's are stacking the middle? Because Bellefeuille is calling the same idiotic running play over and over.

It doesn't help A.C. when his receivers quit on the deep routes. I know Calvillo has struggled with the deep ball this year, but his receivers have got to start making plays and stop making him look bad.

For F...sake Its not the players! Its the f...coaches.

Look at Terrence Edwards, Byron Miles, Adriano Belli... Take Calvillo and send him to Winnipeg and they will go to the GC this year.

A couple of the sacks on Cavillo could have been avoided if AC would throw the ball away instead of spinning around trying to elude guys.
Funny! 2 weeks ago people were complaining that AC goes down too easy. Now people are complaining that he is trying too scramble!

I'm inclined to agree. We've let all the good coaching talent go and retained only the mediocrities. I like what Chris Jones has done in the past, but our defense hasn't been effective in over two years, so he's gotta take some of the blame. Bellefeuille is garbage, and Popp is the same.