anyone think it is a coincidence

that harris is playing so bad today after his rep opens his asinine ignorant mouth this week?

No, it's a conspiracy.

I can tell by the fact that there is no evidence of a conspiracy whatsoever.

Really effective conspiracies conceal all the evidence without a trace.

The less evidence for their existence, the more powerful they must be.

This is the Tao of Conspiracy.

/some people actually think like this

amazing isn't it

Hmmm. .. believing in something for which there is no evidence. . .

No...this is about believing in something because there is no evidence.

Ahhhh, gotcha

Yes a coincidence, an extremely awesome coincidence :thup:

So playing poorly and intentionally throwing the game ... Would get the Argo's or any team to make him the highest paid QB in the league ???? :roll: :roll:
I'm not an expert , I think if you play well and actually win games , you will get a raise !!! I know it's crazy talk but just maybe that may be the best strategy .

no, he didn't play poorly on purpose, but I think that his agents big mouth at the wrong time created a distraction for him and affected his performance.