Anyone tailgating on Thursday?

I know I am. Beer, Burgers and some Ticats football, it is pretty much what I want heaven to be like for me.

If you buy me a round trip plane ticket I will fly in from Vancouver and party down with you. :slight_smile:

Don't mention tailgating to loud on the Forum Bob and company don't really care for it they turn a blind eye to it!? why i guess legal issues which is too bad as the J boys are the only people that really help promote the long tradition of a Ticat tailgate I guess people drinking there own beer$ and eating their own food is not a good thing$$ even though it takes place at every pro football stadium in North America and at least those organizations provide AT LEAST ONE FRIGGIN PORTA POTTY


There were porto potty's at last years labour day game. Oh well i could care less if Bob does not like tailgating ( I have never heard that though) it is a part of football so i'm gonna do it.

What about security?

What about security? I dont know why people are so worried I have tailgated the past couple years and never had an issue.

Put your pop in a cup and all will be fine!!

I think the Cats like the tailgates simply because of the way the whole Tailgate Community handles themselves on game day.

My reasoning. The Ticats wouldn't have left in my plug I put in for the Tigertown Tailgating Community on my "This is My Tigertown" interview. (Go to Ticats TV, look up Miscellaneous and click on the video with my name Jarrett Harris and you'll see what I mean.)

Taigating in Hamilton is of it's own nature.

This isn't an American style free for all tailgate.

This is a Canadian tailgate, Tigertown style!

Simple guidelines the tailgate community follow that keeps us in good graces with the team and local law enforcement. The reality is it could be shut down anytime, for bad behaviour so we respect that and keep it fun and safe.

First: This is family friendly event, be sensitive that there are kids around. It's about celebrating the CFL, Hamilton and our Ticats. There are kids throwing footballs with their parents, and everyone has a good time.

Second: Leave it like you found it...bring your own garbage bags and use them. At the end of the party, put them neatly by the gate to be picked up. We try not to leave any garbage in Lot J at the end of the night.

Third: Consume all beverages in a non-transparent cup.

Last: Come and have fun and meet your fellow Ticat fans.

We don't need security because everyone is there for a good time, and cooperates. If you do not do this the police will take care of you.

If you use these common sense guidelines while tailgating in Lot J you will have a blast and quickly feel like you are part of the Lot J Tailgate Community.

See you there.

There is always LOTS of Tailgaters in Lot J!!!


The $20 cost to park in Lot J goes to whom?

As far as I know the team has the rights to parking revenues.

But you better check with the Ticats to make sure.


I think the revenue is shared between the Ticats and the Hamilton Board of Education as they own the property.

I'll be drinking Carlsberg and sporting my Ticat and German car flags on my car :thup: :rockin

Uber Alles!

Although the wife and me don't tailgate, I think it's great that it is, more or less it seems, allowed. As long as things don't get out of hand which I guess it doesn't.
My only issue with tailgaiting and football is the association that it seems necessary to do it to have fun at a football game.

No, it’s not necesaary to do it to have fun at a game, but it is always lots of fun when you do it.

I dont find it necesaary at all to make it fun, I have almost as much fun sitting in my basement with my beer and blowhorn by myself watching the game. (and yes I do have my blowhorn even when i watch the game on tv)but I just find tailgating to be a great football tradition which i wish more hamiltonians would do.

Sometimes (i.e. when a team is 3-15 or 1-17, and most of the games are out of reach by half-time), the tailgate party is the only fun to be had at a football game. Hopefully the team will be competitive this year, and the tail-gate will be nothing more than a small feature.

When does the tailgating begin? And who's BBQ can I throw my meat on?