Anyone subscribed to DAZN?

I am thinking of subscribing to DAZN, so I can watch all of the Chiefs' games. Is anyone here subscribed? Is it worth the price?

yep monthly ....

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Thanks Jasmine.

we have DAZN. Not quite as easy to switch between games and lots of self promotion commercial. It works though.

I think I screwed up because I think our provider Telus still has the games and I would have preferred that.

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Thanks FYB.

Right now it is excellent but I had trouble loading it with cards .

I pay using the Dazn cards and go month to month .

I don't think they require a credit card to try the free trial .

I recommend trying it .

At this moment right now it's fun to watch with so many games .

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Had it for a year and it's good. As well as watching each game individually they have a site that constantly updates each game. That is worth the monthly cost alone

DAZN has been down for the last 20 minutes. Not a good start

I am watching the Chiefs game on it through my Apple TV. Everything is fine.

Who is your TV provider and how much is DAZN?

My TV provider is Vidéotron. But, I listen to DAZN through my Apple TV. It is either 25$ per month, or 200$ per year.

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Im not sure bout videotron but bell offers nfl ticket for 250. Dazn is a better deal

Good start by the Chiefs!

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I have DAZN through my sons account . Being a Saints fan I love it as I never miss any of their games regardless of if it's on the local feed or not . You can tune in at any time and have the option of watching the game from the start or watching live . Like another person also said they have the REDZONE which is basically a constantly updating of every game being played at the time .

I would highly recommend it Johnny . It's a great site and is well worth it .

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we figured out that it was something to do with our "smart" tv. Just had to reboot it ie turn it off and on.

Probably the same reason our Prime acts up sometimes. Pretty new IG tv too

They walked all over the Cardinals! :+1:

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I subscribed and watched yesterday. I agree Bobo, it is a great service.

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