Anyone Still Think Jeremiah Masoli Is A Pro QB?

Just had to laugh at the comments here about Masoli being a legit starting QB. The guy is horrifically bad.

I can't believe Austin keeps rolling him out there to throw away games. Does Masoli keep a shovel in his locker to threaten him?

...well, he is a quarterback, and he does draw a paycheque for that service, so technically, yes, he is a professional quarterback

He’s obviously has the talent to play at this level, he’s just wildly inconsistent. He’s had some great games this year like the one last week against Edmonton, or week 1 against the Argos. Also had a few stinkers against the Bombers. There’s not a lot of alternatives out there, so I don’t blame Kent for rolling him out there every week. I’m satisfied with the Ticats hovering around .500 until Collaros comes back.

How much does that week 1 loss bug you though Area-51? I know if my team gave up 42 points to an amateur QB, I’d be furious. :lol:

One game a game a blunder.

QB's are grown.

This sums it up. Why can't he string together 2 good games? Sadly, a LOT of QB's like that.

I am pathetic because I watched the whole thing waiting for a comeback - well, minus the last 4 minutes or so.

Please God, heal ZC!!!!

Some idiot on another post stated he was better than Durant.. that's like saying he's better than Ricky Ray, Kevin Glen, and all the other starting QB's what a joke, we got a back-up in Gale, but he has lots to learn!! Will this kid someday be a great QB, time will only tell, :roll: