anyone stand out in the pre season games

for the esks QB Jason Johnson looked real good
kahari looked bad under throwing his receivers and looking awfully predictable
when choosing his targets RB Elvis Joseph looked solid dline looked good but the oline did not look very good

Didn t see the game, only heard it, and Johnson did do well against a merry - go - round of wanna bees on defense for the bombers, even some of the canadian college kids on both sides were singled out for outstanding plays, so that should tell you something about the talent level out there last night.

In either case, a tie on the last play of the game is about as good as good as that game could get.

I’ve only seen the game Montreal vs. Ottawa. Here are the standouts according to me:

For Montreal

  • Dave Stala (WR)
  • Philippe Gauthier (LB)
  • Jonas Lewis (HB)
  • Robert Edwards (HB)
  • Fred Talley (HB)
  • John Nix (DT)
  • Ezra Landry (KR/PR)
  • Mike Vilimek (FB)

For Ottawa

  • Josh Ranek (HB)
  • Kerry Joseph (QB)
  • Jerome Haywood (DT)
  • Quincy Coleman (FS)
  • Jason Armstead (WR)

OTTAWA , TORONTO ,HAMILTON and CALGARY…and well done… WINNIPEG. :smiley: