Anyone seen a US broadcast schedule?

From all the other websites I've been on Hamilton fans
seem to have the most info, I've been trying to find a US broadcast schedule and can't seem to find one has anyone heard if the games will be televised in the US?

Check with ESPN2 because they are the ones who carry the CFL in the US. Or maybe its someone else now?

I saw games on Comcast in Florida last year. Try subscribing to TSN Broadband - you can PPV games streamed over the internet.

Doesn’t appear to be up yet, but it does say “2008 broadcast schedule coming soon”, so I’d check periodically.

There's a whole thread about that here

Looks like games are only on AmericaOne, and maybe ESPN360. They didn't get an agreement with Comcast and the other RSNs.

Okay, so I need to see the Ti-Cats game tomorrow. So I sign up for internet at home. Then I learn that espn360 is not available on my internet provider. Of course I don't get America One TV -- no one does.

Can anyone explain to me how I can watch the game on the computer tomorrow? Write slowly, because I'm not that bright.

go to and then click on 'multimedia' and you will see 'webcasts', click on that and you will be taken to tsn website and follow instructions from there as to where you are located and you should be all set.


But when I go to and click on webcasts, it asks me where i'm at, I click USA, and it reverts back to the US/International broadcast schedule, which includes only espn360.

It seems like if the game is on 360, isn't broadcasting it.

Why are fans left to figure all this out for themselves?

Worldsport HD will show the CFL Friday night games. I know the Ti-Cats will only be on a few times, but it's something.

What about audio broadcasts over the Net? You may want to read this ..

In the United States, TSN's telecasts will be picked up by regional sports channels, as well as the Voom HD Networks. An online service, ESPN360, will stream 35 games and the playoffs and Grey Cup.