Anyone seen a game in the Kingdome?

Anyone seen a Seahawks game in the old Kingdome? Describe the experience.

  1. How LOUD was the crowd? Were the fans boisterous? How was the food? Parking?

  2. Did the crowd do the WAVE? Was it organized?

  3. Were there any fights in the stands? Streakers?

  4. Was the Kingdome dirty? Were the concourses narrower than BC Place?

I went to a Lions game on a saturday and seahawks the next.It was a BC winnipeg gameduring the beginning of Murray Pezin time . the other game was Bosworths first year he got run over by some guy on the goal line the got killed. Food was way more expensive like almost double I remember that vividly. It was so steep in their I refer it to sitting on a ladder way smaller than BC Place. The people around us were always talking about they couldnt wait till monday so they could tell everyone they were at the game. We went on one of those bus trips from Van some guy puked on it on the way back. No fights no streakers. Yes concorse smaller the whole thing was smaller it wasnt as loud but it was loud cause of the roof. It looked old compared to BC Place I guess it was. Their were lots of fights at the Lions game. My first and LAST NFL game. I dont pay money to millionares.

I saw one YEARS ago.

I, also, remember it being very "steep" and we were way up in the nosebleeds. It took awhile to adjust up there.

And parking was tough...we parked on the street and had to walk in...which made for kind of a scary walk back to the car after the game.

Other than that, a great experience.

I have only been to one NFL game - it was the dubious game in which Brian Bosworth was playing against Bo Jackson. Bo and the Raiders smoked the 'Hawks and the Boz fizzled.

The beer was watery, but not that expensive (remember King Cups?) but it was so steep, that from where we sat high in the endzone. you could only see half the endzone, so if it was deep, you couldn't actually see the play - not good.

BC Place is way better by comparison.

I was at the Kingdom twice, first time the Saints beat the hawks with a blocked punt, this was in the late 80's then I went to a game against the raider that Warren Moon threw for over 400 yards in a wild crazy afair. Lots of the Raider nation was there making for a interesting atmosphere. One game at Quest Field against the "Dog Killer" two years ago.

I will take a west final crowd any day over the NFL experiance. The Sask. west final 3 years ago was phenomnal better even then being at Game 5 Canucks against Toronto double overtime 1994 run.