Anyone see this home game live? (fan climbs goalposts)

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This "I am plastered beyond measure, and have a death wish" individual is certainly fortunate to have escaped with his life. :o

I was there, this guy sat right in front of us, two rows up.We thought that he got so drunk that he had fallen over because we saw him go over and he was hanging on by one hand then he let go.Next thing we know we see him run and climb right up.It was insane how he did that because it was kind of windy and he was totally bombed.After the stunt, the entire stadium went from being so-so loud to being on our feet the rest of the game and we won.

sounds like it was a great atmosphere.
The Marketing Dep't should get TC the mascot or Pigskin Pete to do this each and every home game. :stuck_out_tongue:

what year was this 15_championships?

I remember that game, the fans went crazy and I remember commenting on how the cops were probably going to teach him a lesson as a result of that.

I was there but I heard many people around with kids were concerned if the guy fell and broke his neck. Not a good image for a child to have to go through. Luckily the guy got down in one piece.

It was 2009

I'm assuming you're a new fan if this is news to you.

actually, I had heard about this a while back, although was not at the game and never saw the vid until recently.

thought it happened around the 2007 season for some reason. :?

thx jordan

two things to talk about

  1. the lord (mostly) protects drunks and fools
  2. the police said that if the guy had fallen off the goalposts and gotten hurt, the east end zone would've become an official crime scene, and the game would've been stopped, perhaps forfeited, the end-zone area taped off, and etc etc. that was in the spec the next day.

I was there and it was pretty amazing. This clip was all over the place and I think it even showed up on the homepage for yahoo sports.

Was also there... I agree it was a stupid and incredibly dangerous and potentially tragic thing to have done. That said, the place was rocking afterwards and the energy helped in sealing the win that night... :slight_smile:

The squirrel's end-zone run was far more entertaining. Ticats could have made money on squirrel t-shirts after that game.

I was there and it happened right infront of us where we were sitting as we were right on the goal line. I remember saying to my girlfriend " we are going to see a guy die tonight" when he was at the top leaning back. At one point I actually thought this might be a suicide. Lukily he came down unharmed but i wish the cops would have been a little more rough on him when taking him down from the goal posts. Its one thing to run accross the field and get tackled but to possibly risk your life and if he did fall. many thousands of people may never have been the same from seeing something that could have been so traumatic to them.

Wow i sound like an old man