Anyone remember Timm Rosenbach?

We seem to be in a similar setting with a QB that has not lived up to the hype.

Your thoughts...

After the 3rd thread on this subject I remember him now.

I Have his game jersey

Good guy just could'nt get it happenin!

I remember we made Big Deal of Signing Him.
Nice Guy Off the Field..

Once He got on the Field He was One Keystone Cops..

He was rushed in too quickly. I thought that he should have been a backup for a season and then handed the reigns. I remember Doug Flutie being on the sidelines for a season before being handed the starting job.

Nope, never heard of him.
Next question.

Anybody still have one of the Rosenbach t-shirts?

You know you're setting your new QB up for failure when... :wink:


I didn't remember him till now, thanks for Time to go back and forget about him.

Anyone remember Lee Saltz? Cornell Burbage? Orlando McKay?

Just checking.

He was a band-aid solution. The kind of band-aid that stuck to the scab and the hair on your knee, so that it hurt like a son-of-a-gun and re-opened the wound when you tried to pull it off...

I do remember him, he actually had some potential. It was hard to judge QB's during that Ti-Cat era as there wasn't alot of talent surrounding them.

My favourite memory of him was a game when the Cats were getting beat pretty bad and they were ready to punt. Tim wouldn't come out and decided to go for it. They were successful and as a fan it seemed like he was the only one who cared out there.

Maybe YOU should be beat writer for the Ticats. That kind of descriptive metaphor would go a long way to livening up gameday pre-amble and post-game commentary. :smiley:


He was very similar to another QB Don McPherson if you remember him.

A great NFL cast-off who stunk it up in the CFL.

I think you mean a RB that has not lived up to the hype! cough Ricky Williams!

HMMMMM, another NFLer that could't play in working mans football-- go figure !!!

Vince Ferragamo :oops:

i wouldn t say great,he came from the cardinals!!!

He didn't have a chance when he was here. Running for his life, can't throw when you are on your butt. Our O line really stunk during his time with us. And back to the original question, no there is no comparison with Rosenbach and Maas. Maas is a proven CFL QB and Rosenbach was new to the league. Actually I think he might have been a decent QB in this league if he had been behind a better line.