Anyone remember Megaphone guy?

Remember the guy who used to heckle the opposition from the south side in the 80’s/ early 90’s?

Where is he? I will buy his ticket to the eastern final.

Rumor has it his megaphone got nixed by the team long ago.


Fuzzy memory of a game in 1990s vs Argos where Megaphone guy taunted a punt returner/receiver named Brown (Eddie?) all game long…BROWWWWNEEEE! BROWWWWNEEEE! BROWWWWWWNEEEEE!

I loved that guy!! I remember an Argo game where he was relentless with “Fruity Flutie?. I think the megaphone won that game for us.

That dude was a classic he ranks up there with the guy who climbed the goalpost


No, don’t remember that guy. I will say that I miss The Streaker.

Streak on Sunday

:o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o

Go Cats Go!

Let’s not encourage the crazies . Stalling ourmomentum should not be a fan goal . The fans should try to give our offence a library environment from the huddle to the play . The Esk huddle and audible attempts should be drowned out with a tsunami of noise .

Pat Lynch (the old person)

Exactly ?

I remember hearing him from my seat in Box C in the mid-90s. I was also just trying to remember the year TC had that quad ATV and ran over the sideline official. I think it was in '97.

Wow that’s crazy. :o
Did we get flagged?

I know the guy who was TC at the time. Took him years to get over that

Having an ATV on the sidelines was not a great idea and that was bound to happen.

Is it better than a horse on the sidelines?

Yup , yer right it was “97”. We wound up going 2-16 that season . Unfortunately TC running over the official was the highlight of the year . :-[ :frowning:

…but then 98 and the year 99 came! It all started with that ATV :stuck_out_tongue:

Great moment in Ticat history.

Is there video of that incident anywhere?

I seem to recall that there was at the time video of the incident but I can’t find any in existence anymore. Now that’s not to say that somewhere that some still might exist but being as it was roughly 22 years ago that it happened it would appear unlikely .

For what it’s worth I was actually at the game that it happened at . If memory serves me correct it was a game against the Alouettes and the incident happened in the 2nd quarter just shortly before half-time . TC was driving way to fast and carelessly and just basically flat out ran the poor guy over . TC wasn’t seen or heard from for the rest of the game and I recall that it was later learned that he was under the stands hiding in a boiler room quite upset and inconsolable about what had happened .