Anyone remember a Leroy Steele?

Apparently he is the father of Eddie Steele whom we drafted yesterday. claims Leroy was drafted in 1984 by the Cats.

Personally I don't remember him.

Nor do I. I did read a Winnipeg report saying he was a linebacker. The fact that Eddie referred to the Cats as the team that "drafted" his dad, rather than the team his dad "played for" suggests to me that he either didn't make it out of training camp, and never played in the league, or was cut or traded and played for another team.

In Eddie's video Click Here he describes his Dad and says that his Dad... 'he played a year in Hamilton back in the day professionally'

I note that Eddie himself wasn't born until the fourth of July 1988 so he might not remember his Dad's career directly himself. Seems more than a draft and training camp though.

I think we are calling on the Mighty Pope to check Leroy Steele out....

Oskee wee wee

My favorite Cats pick for sure this year.
9th rated over-all prospect stolen in the 3rd round.
And what a name for promoting him in Hamilton....Steeltown Eddie Steele

After watching him work out and hearing his interview I think Eddie Steele could be a winner.
Good attitude. Good draft choice.

Could we go as far as saying this is a real STEELE! HAHAHA sorry

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Steele follows in his father’s footsteps as LB Leroy Steele was also drafted 62nd overall (7th round) by the Hamilton Tiger-Cats in the 1984 CFL Canadian Draft

8) Actually, Eddie said that his dad played for the Cats for a year. While indeed he was drafted by Hamilton, he certainly never played in any regular season games at all.
 He may have been kept on the old practice roster for a while, but I sure don't remember him at all  !!!

Hopefully,he'll be a little more memorable than his father....

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