Anyone reliving the 60's ?

For the last few years, I feel I have been reliving the horrible 60's when the Als were most of the time utterly incompetent. Is it that white helmet? I wonder... :frowning:

I say bring back the white helmet with the red wing.

Yes, it was the best looking helmet however, for long time fans, that helmet brings back terrible memories. Perhaps it's a personal quirk on my behalf. Strangely, I like very much the fifties red helmet with the white stripe. It would be interesting if the Als, on occasions, perhaps for a yearly "vintage" game or other such event, would use one of the old ones.

I recall the last couple of years of the 60s and recall greater futility than now; my Dad had to live through the decade (+) of frustration after the highs of the 50s.

While these years have been frustrating, maybe like the early 60s, the team has been in or around the playoffs (except for 2014).

Indeed, they were mostly in third place since the Argonauts often finished last. I remember a semi-final against Ottawa that they won (I think it might have been in 61 or 62) however, they lost to Hamilton in the final.

Als were out in 2015 and out in 2016.

Mixed up 2014 and 2015.
2015 they were right out, but 2016 they were out because of a tie-break with Hamilton.
NOT claiming any real degree of recent success, just don't recall ever thinking they had a shot in '68 or '69; even in '70 they were a poor team that just caught lightning in a bottle. At least in 2014 and 2016 they had a tiny hope.

We are in the middle of a period like the 60's which lasted at least 10 years. We are at year 5 in this latest period with no hope in sight.

It does truly feel like it with the revolving door for quarterbacks. Anyone remember Sandy Stephens?