Anyone Receive their Grey Cup Tix yet?

I heard they were supposed to start mailing them on September 29th. I got an email from stating that fact
a couple weeks ago. Still haven't got mine. Has anybody received their Grey Cup tickets yet?

Just got them today!

Really! Nice. I'm at work now, I'll check the mail when I get home. I wonder what they look like. Maybe someone can post a pic in this thread.

they are pritty plain, cuz a Montreal skyline, the Grey Cup and the saying "Your Grey Cup" not as nice as last years, but thats ok its going to be a much better game cuz its in a real football town :wink:

I got mine last week. They're only nice, because they're tickets to the biggest party in Canada! Also, about 8 rows up, at the 50 yard line, I am sooo pumped. Back to back weekends at the Big Owe! Can't wait.

Still haven't got mine yet. Maybe it's cause I'm in Toronto and the tickets were mailed from Montreal. I would assume that the CFL fans in Quebec would get theirs first.

I live in Ottawa and i got mine, it may just be luck of the draw.

Got mine last friday....They are awful....

No barcode, No hologram...where's the "security" on the tickets ???

I foresee a lot a fradulent tickets to be out there come game time !

Yeah i would agree with you, but i know last time i went to the Big 0 for football they didn't have bar codes ether, but i know the Expos had barcodes on there tickets. it will be interesting what happens.

There are barcode at Molson's
Who knows, maybe they have IC(somethingorother) chips in them

If anyone has a black light it would be interesting if that picked up a security feature?

Ticket is prettyy thin, I 've watch it under a light to see if a "chip" was in it...and saw nothing...

If the embossed skyline & Grey Cup are the security aspects on these tickets.....this is so wrong in so many ways !

SO are the chips......there is one in my security badge from work and it is not much thicker than a ticket

I wounder if that is the point we cant see the security aspects, so people wont know how to fake them, any one want to cut open there ticket to find out lol ; :wink:
we will see what happens im alittle worried about this Grey Cup it falling behind to Toronto last year in events going on.

Not yet for mine but also received the email indicating they were going out at the end of Sept.

I'm sure there is some sort of a security thingy, I would think.

There was a lot of stuff going on in Toronto for sure but I'm sure Montreal will be great.

I got mine in the mail lastnight. The tickets are HUGE! I don't know why they made them that big. They sure won't fit in a standard jean pocket. I don't know what I'm gonna do. I don't want to fold it because I like to keep the tickets in good condition and put them in a Grey Cup scrap book.

There is security on the tickets. Not in the form of a hologram, but the Grey Cup itself as well as the buildings in the Montreal skyline are 3-D and have a tactile feel to the touch. This would be very hard to replicate if one tried to make an illegal copy of the ticket. The tickets definately don't look as flashy as last years, however, I like the tactile feel. Something new.

Same with me, last night in the mail. I sort of like them big like this although yes, not pocket friendly. But Birdy, you really don’t know what you’re going to do? Boy, and I thought I made mountains out of molehills, as people like to tell me I do! Relax, I’m sure you’ll devise a workable solution to this dilemma, no? :wink:

Yes, I would think the way they are marked as you say should be good enough security.

I got my tickets to the East Finals at the Big O and they also didnt have a bar code, i woulent worry about faks tho, they will be fine, plus you know you guys have real ones cuz u bought them in time!

Yeah mine just came in the mail today I was started to get worried.

Got mine. Can't wait.